One thing that KNUST owns that no other institution can boast of is the number of sexy students’ leaders that we have.  Coming up with this chart was quite a herculean task because; there is an airtight competition as to who is the sexiest.  However tough the competition is, the sharp two edged sword-like pen flowing with the indelible ink of one of the lands’ most mischievous writers was able to come up with the top ten of them.  Please do not laugh till you are done.  A fine of another three articles awaits you should you flout this order.

10.   SOLOMON NARTEY.   For those of you who do not know him, he is the current General Secretary of SOCIOSO.  He is a very fair and romantic gentleman.  The first sight of him and you will know what I am talking about.  When you meet him talking with guys, you would hear this loud and coarse pidgin.  But meet him with any of the numerous ladies in the faculty and you will hear a voice smoother than the stage voice of Michael Jackson, an accent nicer than that of Queen Elizabeth and an attitude more compelling than the Ramsey Noahs and John Dumelos.   No wonder the number of ladies who visit the SOCIOSO office daily have shot up tremendously since he took office.  He doesn’t even want ladies to call him by his full name.   He would always say, “Please call me SOLO”.

  1. DAVID TWUMASI ANKRAH.  With all due respect,   he is the Vice President of the UNIVERSITY of KATANGA.  A thick, tall and fair gentleman who is semi gap-toothed is just irresistible.  He speaks always with a laid back tone and a nice but infectious smile.  His laughter will melt the knees of any lady around.  When you see him anywhere on campus, what comes into your mind first is either he is the heir to the throne of Britain or he had just been voted the man of the millennium.   Now, we can understand why ladies are now trooping to Katanga.
  1. SCC VICE CHAIRMAN– unfortunately I have forgotten his name.  It’s not my fault.  He is my classmate but I hardly find him in class.  However when the class has the utmost privilege of he coming to class, it is awesome.  A very handsome gentleman always in immaculate white shirt walks so majestically into the class and gives a smile that is powerful enough to daze the whole of China.  When he wants to talk, he talks as if he has all the time in the world and his words come out slowly like toothpaste slips out of its tube.  If you have not seen this sexy and respected man of God yet, just be at the next SCC service.  I heard that SCC does not face low patronage any longer because a lot of ladies go there just to have a glance of him and to hear him speak.  Eeeish!  Some romantic pastor like that?
  1. FREEMAN – He is the overall president of the most populated hall in Ghana, Unity Hall.  I don’t need to say much about him.  Just walk to the potter’s lodge of Unity hall and ask to see the President of the hall.   If he makes the mistake of going to Africa hall on a weekend, we would have several casualties of ladies jumping from the eighth floors and other casualties of sore throats from the screaming of his name.   The continentals did not vote for him for nothing.  He is got his ‘sexy swag’ on!!!
  2. There is trouble here.   It is between ANGELA DARKO  (SRC women’s commissioner) and BARBARA SARPONG (SOCIOSO women’s commissioner). If you have ever come across these two very slim ladies, you would understand my difficulty.   Together, they can weigh half the total mass of all students on campus.  However when it comes to being sexy, don’t go there.  They will beat you to it.  Who says sizeable ladies are not sexy.
  1. AMANDA BUAH.  She is the immediate past former general secretary of Africa hall and also once a keen contestant of the Miss KNUST beauty pageant.  That should give you a cue or a clue.  She is a tall and sleek lady with a generous level of flesh.  She walks as if she was taught how to catwalk right from crèche.  She talks as if she has an inbuilt sound equalizer in her throat.  I am still surprised her wrists have stood the test of time and are still holding her hands.  Her hands are always hanging as if they will fall off the next moment.   She can dance very well too.  I remember, when as a Hall Secretary of KATANGA, I had to lead Africa hall to pass to Brunei.  Her dangerous dancing skills nearly made me lose focus.  But ‘tafiakwa’, I overcame that.
  1. Just check the name – GODWIN BOATENG FESTIVAL.  The name alone makes him very sexy.  He is the current HALL SECRETARY of KATANGA.   A stout but short man, with an erased version of the typical dark African colour.  He is always walking sharply dressed and legs going apart as if he had some twin balloon between his legs.  He talks with maximum care and gentility.   He doesn’t only throw his arms about.  He is sexy even in his academics.   After every lecture, he will sit down all the female members of his class and re-lecture them.   If you have any comments, just look for him and tell him in the face.  But be warned.  Appearances are deceptive.  The first time you set eyes on him, you might think he taught Bob Marley how to use the Indian medicine that has been ‘hemped’ into a roll.
  1. FRANICS BEMPONG.  He likes to be referred to as BON FRANCOIS.  Hmmnn, some sexy nicky like that.  He is the almighty president of the POLITICAL STUDIES STUDENTS ASSOCIATION.   Francis is always dressed in designer suits  with red tie.  As to why he likes red flying ties, it is locked up in his own mind.  He is so nice to be around with and is perhaps the most patient and caring leader on campus currently.   Just book a date with BON FRANCOIS and you will have a big lesson on how to be romantic.
  1. She is the Editor of REPUBLIC HALL.  She is doing a job I respect and love so much.  But she is in a field that I cannot compete in.  She stands as KNUST’s second sexiest students’ leader. She is PRUDENCE BHATINGE.   I don’t know if she has the luxury of attending an American high school but she is always dressed like a typical American High school girl. With some nice fair modelling legs, she is a scene to witness when she dazzles her body out of Republic hall and down the Mecca road to lectures.  When she is addressing an audience, one would think she is the voice trainer of Celine Dion.  I also heard she is the second lady of KATANGA.  Can any Fellow confirm this piece of information for me?  But seriously, she is the sexiest editor on campus.  Her notice board is the sexiest notice board as well.  Just visit REPUBLIC HALL and you will know it all for yourself.  Her sexy nature has even made first year boys fall for her.  Ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
  1. 1. By now you might have figured that there is one person missing and that is the heavyweight of all heavyweights.  She is undoubtedly the sexiest student and the sexiest leader.  You might not like her but you can’t take it away from her.  She won the NUGS personality of the year. To confirm her position, she was a judge at the just ended FACE OF INDECE.  She knows her stuff and will beat you to it if you try to compete.  KNUST students thought she will be better off as a model, so on two occasions they denied her becoming the SRC treasurer.  She is currently the NUGS treasurer of KNUST.   Boss, if you meet a nice looking lady with a bag big enough to contain five huge heads, with some expensive Brazilian hair all the way down to her waistline and some custom made dress and some 6inches high heels, then you just met KNUST’s sexiest personality of the year.  With a standing ovation, devoid of any mischief, and with vents ready to explode, lets welcome our own AFIA ANIMWAA AGYEMAN.





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