Kwasi Brookman read through his latest love story and a fine line of joy drew on his face.  He screams, ‘this is a hit’.  He types the script and prints it out.  He reads over again, and it looked like finally, he was getting closer to his source of internal peace and real satisfaction.  Off went the beep tone of his phone, signalling he has a new text message.  He picks his phone, opens his inbox and a smile cut across his face.  It was from that young lady, who has become the newest sensation in his life.  Miriam Ashorkor is her name.  Whatever the content of that message was, it might be some good news of a sort.

How come he is always thinking about this daughter of grandmother Eve day in, day out?  Her beauty has hypnotised him.  Her voice is as soothing as the sound of river Jordan.  The dark and long typical African hair that descended down her back looked like placing the Eiffel tower of Paris in the middle of New York City.  Her lips were as inviting as strawberry and as nice and full as the best description that can ever be given.  Her face spat more elegance than California’s Golden Bridge.  Her fair, slim and tender body were like the glorious days of the Biblical lily flower.  Miriam was beauty epitomised.

Why will he be thinking about her so much?  What was about her that has made him so speechless?  Why is he always talking about her nowadays?   Is she the one to come?  Or he should keep waiting for the right time and the right person.  Won’t it be too late?  Is he not gradually pushing his heart unto the chopping board of another love butcher?  What happened to his new found love for writing love stories?  What was happening to him?  Is it lust?  Oh no!  Has he not seen ladies like that before?  Is it the mere instinct to just be friends with her or it was his life-long weakness that was reactivating itself?  It was then that it dawned on him that he was in love with Miriam.   ‘Oh Holy Jesus!’ he shouted.  ‘Why me again and why this time?’

Kwasi Brookman is in love again.  This time it is not a fat lady, which has become his trademark, but a slim lady.  What should he do?  Should he wait for all the signals?  Should he go ahead and propose to her?  Will she accept his heart and pamper it for him?  Is she single?  What if she says no?  Won’t it affect his project work?  Kwasi is burning up.  His heart is on fire and who will quench this fire for him.  A fire that is threatening to consume his very existence on earth.  Is Miriam the right person for him?   Will she not be a good companion?

He quickly remembered the title of one love story that he wrote when that girl with the half way dimple broke his heart, ‘FAINT HEART NEVER WINS FAIR LADY’. Added to that, he is a Katangee and his motto tells him not to rest until he achieves what he desires.  He resolved to take the bull by the horn and the heart.   He decided to pour waters from his pot of love unto the feet of Miriam.  As to if she will bend down and take a sip or will chuckle and muddy the water, he had no fair idea.  He picked his phone and started to dial her number.  He realised his hands were shaking.  He called and asks if she could come over.  As typical of the magic that is tied to this damsel, she said she was on her way.

His mind started racing.  How was he going to start? What will he even say?  Should he say God revealed it to him that they should be bonded in holy matrimony?  What if she gets angry and storms out of the room.  What if she says she is not interested?  Will he be able to look at her again?  What if she says yes?  What will he do after that?  Hug her and give her the most passionate kiss ever?  Should he kneel in front of her or he should relax on his bed?

As he waited for one of the most important hours of his current life, he whiled the time away by writing another love story.  As he was about to conclude the story, he heard a gentle knock on his door.  His heart missed ten beats at once.  He straightened up and opens the door.  The figure at the gate blurred his vision. Her beauty was too bright.  The hug that followed worsened his case.  She just fitted perfectly into his missing rib gap.  She sat down majestically beside him and smiled at him.  That smile dazed Kwasi.

Kwasi mustered courage and poured out his heart out to her.  He did it amidst double beating of his heart, sweats and stammers.  Finally he managed to at least make his desires known to her.  After those few minutes that looked like eternity, he wiped his sweats and waited for a response from her.  His heart stopped beating and was now pounding at triple speed.   She cleared her throat with a face that showed no expression as she prepares to give a response to Kwasi.  As she does that, Kwasi quickly puts down the last sentence of his love story, ‘THE BEAUTY OF A WOMAN IS NOT A GIFT TO MAN, BUT ONLY A BRIBE.

By:  Courage Ahiati


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