Miriam Ashorkor, the angel in human form gently raised her gaze and fixed it on Kwasi for what seem like eternity to Kwasi.  A thin line of smile flashed across her face and her lips parted, ready to dispatch the words that have enough power to redirect the destiny of handsome Kwasi Brookman.

She gets up, straightens her dress and kneels in front of him, taking all the time in the world.  That moment, almost every living thing in that room paused to listen to the words that were taking majestic footsteps to come out?  Kwasi’s mind suddenly went into a speed-bound question time.  What if she says no?  How will he react?  Will he cry or scream?  What if she says yes?  What will he do next? Lift her up and give her the tightest hug ever or pull out her entire tongue with a mind-blowing kiss?

Miriam puts her two hands on his shoulders and plants a surprise kiss on his red lips.  It was like chilled water or electric waves had just been passed through him.  It felt good though.  What is this girl up to?  Is that her way of answering this all important question?  Was she on a suicide mission?  She strokes his thick eyebrows with her sleek and tender fingers and it felt like he was on cloud nine, ready to explode.  His whole body was on fire now, not only his heart.  He could feel the throbbing of his brain.  His brain was virtually knocking against his skull.  The Dolly Parton track playing ‘love is like a butterfly’ was just adding to his present condition.

The first words finally came out from her mouth, ‘Kwasi, you are very handsome’.  It sounded as if he just received a heavenly call from a celestial being.  Her lips parted again and she spoke.  ‘Do you really love me?   He hurriedly opened his mouth to respond in desperation.  She quickly shut him up by placing that sleek finger on his lips.  She smiled and spoke again.  ‘Do you want to be the prince of my life forever?  He was confused at this stage.  He was contemplating between answering and waiting patiently for the next trick she would pull from the helm of her skirt.

Miriam planted another kiss on his lips, this time a bit firmer.   He began seeing spangles all around him.  ‘Kwasi, I want to ask you a question. The answer you will give me will determine what I will say to you’, she said.  What question at all could this be?  Will he be able to answer?   She asked, ‘are you ready to answer?  He nodded with speed.  She leaned much closer to him and the words dropped, ‘WHAT SHOWS THAT YOU LOVE ME?’

The question caught him unawares.  He cleared his throat and anytime he tried to speak, it was like the words were choking him.  He opens his mouth to speak and he became a professional stammerer all of a sudden.  At that moment, a knock was heard on the door, and there entered Kwasi’s roommate.  That very moment, Miriam’s phone started ringing.  She picked it and the next thing Kwasi heard from her was, ‘I am late for class.  I will see you later.  Goodbye’.

What had he just done?  Blown away an opportunity of a life time?  Will Miriam ever come back?   Will she say yes?  He can only wait and pray for her to come and continue from where they left off.   He quickly picked a paper to write a poem to Miriam.  In just a minute, he had written a poem entitled, ‘JUST SAY YES’.  He then remembered that he had not concluded his latest love story, so he quickly picks his note book and wrote the last sentence of his latest love story.  ‘WOMEN WILL ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS WHICH HAVE NO RIGHT ANSWERS IN ORDER TO TRAP YOU INTO FEELING GUILTY.





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