love is like a game of chess

Kwasi Brookman is his name.  He is extremely handsome and has got the Midas touch.   He has numerous female friends and is seen as a darling boy of ladies both on campus and outside.  Unfortunately, he has not been able to win the heart of any of them.  They are all his babies but he cannot make any of them his angel.    Try as much as he had, none of them seemed to be prepared to give her heart to him.  Yet still they all love him and always want to be around him.

The clock is ticking louder and much faster for Kwasi.  He is in his final year and would be leaving the walls of the university very soon.  Are all his toils going down the drains?  He has carried chairs and buckets of water for three years for different kinds of ladies.  He has made time for each of his female friends.  He had provided a shoulder for them to cry on when they need arose.  He had gone to the movies together with them and helped them with their assignments for three years.  He has done almost what a perfect gentleman will do for a lady he loves.   He has spent time making all these ladies happy to the extent of even them cracking their ribs.

Today, as Kwasi sits in the discomfort of his room, numerous unanswerable questions flood his mind. Where did he go wrong?  Don’t ladies love good guys?  Are they scared because of his numerous female friends?  Is it his destiny that is playing pranks on him or it is life that is lashing him unduly?   Will he ever get answers to these questions?  Would someone pop out of the blue and sweep him off his feet?  Will someone excite his heart and give him the opportunity to make her, his angel?

Annoyingly enough, all his female friends have got boyfriends.  Anytime their boyfriends are around them, Kwasi is not relevant.  They forget totally about him.  When they coincidentally meet him on the way, they only wave him with their fragile left hands and with wicked smiles.  When he calls their phones, their boyfriends pick it up and scare the hell out of him.  The moment their boyfriends pull away for a minute, they put undue pressure on Kwasi to play that role of a perfect lover and fill the gap for the real owners.  He has therefore become a stop-gap lover.  If he fails to do that, hell will break loose on him.   Surprisingly enough, a weakness in Kwasi makes it difficult for him to turn his back towards them.  He seems to have an unflinching love for his female friends.   Is it that Kwasi doesn’t know what he wants in life or destiny demands that Kwasi stays single.

All the sausages he had bought, the call cards he had purchased, the “anadwo ye ders”  he had done.  He recalls the night walks with some of them along the serene and lonely streets of campus.  He remembers vividly how Akosua used to play with the hair on his chest.  He reminisces those times he will share Nourisher fruit drink and ‘kelewele’ with Oforiwaa.  Or is it because he is so much linked to Katanga?  Is it the fear that he has a spiritual inclination towards a hall that has so many mysteries surrounding it that scares the ladies away?  Is he not so hardworking and so friendly at church?

Kwasi is so heartbroken.  He looks at his Facebook friendship list and it is full of ladies.  A look at their various pages, and they all are in relationships. Gosh!  He must not allow this to continue.  He must stop this continues shredding apart of his heart.      He must find a permanent solution to this problem.  It is this that leads him to what he loves most.  Something that will not break his heart.  Something that gives him inner satisfaction and boost his ego.   He decides to keep more to himself and write about utopia love stories.  Writing brings much joy to his heart, joy that cannot be injured.  The beauty of life comes smiling back as his ink transfers unto the sheets of paper.  If he cannot live the love life that he dreams of, at least he can write about it.

Just as he had almost forgotten all about those girls who have brought more pain to his heart than joy, this angel of a human being appears on the scene.  Her beauty has hypnotized him and her very presence has charmed him.  Is this going to happen to him again?  Is she real?  Will she stay?  Is she the one to come or he should wait for the Messiah?  Is she single or she is engaged just like the others?  Is she also a heart breaker or she has come to join the pieces of his heart together and give them a magic healing.

As he thinks about her, he hurriedly puts down the last sentence of his latest love story, ‘THE MOST PAINFUL THING IN LIFE IS TO SEE THE ONE YOU LOVE, LOVING SOMEONE ELSE’


By:  Courage Ahiati





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