It was a warm but solemn Saturday night.  I was seated in the KNUST Law auditorium with a very elegant princess by my side.  It was the stage performance of the BBC award-winning play, ‘IN THE CHEST OF A WOMAN’.  The play in itself was another show of the beautiful but complex African heritage.  However before the play itself, there was a soul inspiring musical performance by two gentlemen.  These two gentlemen with appealing voices and thought provoking lyrics did a song titled “MY TIME WILL COME”.  The song simply talks about the difficulties some guys face on campus in their quest to win the heart of a beautiful damsel, all because they do not have some of the luxurious luxuries of life like cars, flashy and sophisticated electronic gadgets and other stuffs.  The song continues that those unfortunate gentlemen can only watch as their heart desires are thrown to the wind.  However the determined ones will always declare that ‘my time will come’.  His time will come when he will be a big man and be cruising in better cars and even yachts.  His time will come when he can afford to spread ten ladies at the same time at McDonalds.  His time will come that he can pay for a movie just for two people at Silverbird or even have a larger cinema in his own house.

In the old country tune “COWARD OF THE COUNTY”, Kenny Rogers reiterated that, there is someone for everyone.  I used to believe in that a lot until I stepped foot on campus.   I used to believe that once you were a good looking guy, it was very easy getting any lady at all into your fold.  However different stories exist on campus.  One of such stories is the ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ story.  It is not just an ancient fable.  It is happening.   It surprises me when I see a very beautiful lady jilt her equally good looking boyfriend for a not so pleasant looking guy who has a nice car.  Normally because of their cars you wouldn’t see the full length of their unpleasant figures and features.   Worse of all, they normally hide behind sunglasses of huge sizes.  That is our rendition of the beauty and the beast.

Is it the fault of anyone that these things are happening?  Can someone tell me why ladies prefer guys with cars and other goodies of life?  Is it love or sheer gold-digging?  So when all those goodies are no more, what happens?  Is it not also surprising that guys also behave the same way?  If all guys want to go after just the beautiful girls, who should go after the not so elegant ones?  If all guys are running from the very fat ladies, who should go and suffer the fate of carrying such load?

A lot of questions run through my mind when I think about love and relationship.  Is love just about going to the movies and eating the not so palatable popcorns?  Is it just about buying “panther” and shaking the bed and body like never before?  Is it just about doing ‘anadwo ye de’?Is love about a one-sided comfort?  Should love not transcend   some physical boundaries?  Is love not more expensive than a C-class Mercedes?  As the song rolled in the auditorium, I just stole a quick glance at this epitome of beauty who was seated right beside me.  The question that I asked myself was that   should have a genuine feeling for this lady, would she reciprocate it, if I had no car or at least 1000 cedis in my bank account?  It’s a question for another day.

Do we really look into the future when we are taking such lifetime decisions?  One marriage that fascinates me so much is that of the Rawlingses.   A young lady, a university graduate from the royal family of the Asante kingdom getting married to anO’level stop-over graduate, a common soldier and poor Ewe young man with no inheritance or promising future?  Did Nana Konadu ever dream that she was actually getting married to a future president of Ghana?  Did Michelle Obama know she was getting married to the most powerful man on earth when she agreed to Barack Obama’s love proposal?

Love is still a mystery that has not been unraveled but has been adulterated.  It is now so difficult to figure out exactly what it really means.  However, what we should not forget is that we live in a world which does not believe in fair play.  The only rule that still works in this world is ‘SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST’.  So next time someone snatches your sweetheart from your very hands with some mechanical advantage, just withdraw and re-draw your battle plans.  Do you know what sucks in this world the most?  It is to see the one you love, love someone else.  It is like someone pushing a sharp two-edged dagger through your heart.

However the case may be, the world does not always give us what we want and it will forever remain unfair.  I strongly believe though that if you fight so well and gallantly, you might win the heart of that beautiful princess or that charming prince who always melt your heart.  Next time you are turned down because you cannot afford a luxurious gadget that will draw your dream girl or dream boy to you, just pause and say ‘MY TIME WILL COME’.  That draws my mind to Doris Day’s “QUE SERA                   SERA”   whatever will be, will be.  The future is not ours to see.  Let’s just wait patiently and see the future unfold before us.   WHAT WILL BE WILL BE!!!

THIS PIECE IS DEDICATED TO EMMANUELLA NAA BESA NUNOO, a new friend whose company I am beginning to enjoy so much.

Courage Ahiati


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