my school is voting today to elect src executives to take charge for the next academic year. as i put on my shoes and walk to my faculty to cast my vote, i feel so sad for KNUST. the whole election process is a sorry sight. purposeless people desperate to taste power, indecisive leaders not knowing what to do in terms of crisis, a very corrupt and crooked judicial committee without shame and a confused system. the worst part of it is that candidates of an institution of higher learning can not campaign through the marketing of their own good values. they only pick on tribal lines, which is one of the most dumb-head campaign strategies and character assassination. as i watch them do all this, i say a prayer for ghana. i go to cast my vote for the less evil amongst them all. don’s sit on the wall. if you refuse to take part in decision making, you leave the very few fools to decide for the wise majority. nice day


3 thoughts on “KNUST SRC ELECTIONS”

  1. people using tribal line as a form of campaign strategy is absolutely the worst form of getting us to vote for them to lead us. i am so amazed that people still don’t see anything wrong with this attitude of the so called candidates

    1. oh my dear sister, say it again. if intellectual are taking that path, all we can do is say a prayer for Ghana. however i think anyone who takes that path is just not fit to be a leader and is not a thinking person. i cant agree wit you much

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