As the moon dozed to sleep   And the rays of the new sun was radiating

Symptoms of labour began to show


Those were the painful groans of labour

The renowned Nkroful surgeon is theatre-ready

To deliver the wonder baby, the black hope, the Negro hope.

At the place where the roads crossed on FEBRUARY 28

It was a painful labour, it was a deserved favour

A slow and painful birth Painful and joyous birth it was

Joyous and anticipated birth it was


That was the infant cry of the new born, the black hope, the Negro hope

That is the black shining star. Mother Africa’s pioneer daughter

Springing up anew and gloriously

Let us rejoice for unto us a daughter is born

A woman of many substances she will be

As the shackles and the yoke came off on that old polo grounds

Osagyefo declared on Calvary’s hill that “IT IS FINISHED AND WE ARE FREE FOREVER”

Let the land resonate with the sounds of the talking drums

The top awaits impetuous Nkrumah. Never was victory so trumpeted.

As the moon dozed to sleep and the rays of the new sun was radiating

Came the angry voice of the barrel with the roaring of the AK 47

And came the stygian day and it was that the forest’s pioneer tree

Has been truncated and in its place a wild soja plant emerged.

As the moondozed to sleep and the rays of the new sun was radiating

The forest’ssecond tree was born.   A huge tree itgrew to be

But came the SALLAH DISEASE and with it came otherpolitical diseases

Sadly the bulletswere irritated and the AK 47 roared again

The forest’ssecond tree has also been cut down

Another wildsoja plant grew in its place.  It had abranch christened ‘FEED YOURSELF’

But the barrelswere tempered with and they exploded bang and boom

A surprisenightmare, so it was that the soja plant has also been cut down

And in itsplace, a wilder soja plant and they sang angelically to JUNIOR JESUS

The harmonioussong of the time ‘let the blood flow, Junior Jesus, let it flow’

A cataclysmicshow it was on that fourth session of bloody June

Soja plant wastruncated of a sort

As the moondozed to sleep   And the rays of the newsun was radiating

The forest’s third tree of glory was birthed.  This pride of Sissala did not live long

For the trigger was pulled and it was a sound of resurrection

Junior Jesus has risen again on that LAST DAY OF DECEMBER,not on Christmas day.

As the moon  dozed to sleep and the rays of the new sun was radiating

That vibrant soja tree was pruned

To become the forest’s fourth tree of glory

It became a multi-coloured forest UMBRELLA

The umbrella experienced transition and was

Transformed into a huge ELEPHANT-LIKE tree

And grew tobecome a mighty oak, a pliable and pragmatic tree

A tree in themiddle of Eden, never to be cut down again

The moons dozed to sleep   Rays of new suns radiated

Four decades and one, since she was born   She is GHANA nee GOLD COAST

Let me hear the JOBEL

Let me beat the xylophone and let her children dance to its tune

Akyerema, soundthe atumpan and let AWOAMEFIA danceKete majestically

Zagunor, lets hear the rhythms of your drums and let GAMANTSE wriggle his waist to the sanctimonious borborbor and bend his back to the agbadza drums

Ogbolu yeelor,make it happen that ASANTEHENE and YA NA will do another waist wriggling to the

kpanlogo rhythms

BUSUMURU, bearer of the olive branch, sing us a song of peace

Let the landresonate with dynamic symphony of joy

For it is theyear of rest. For it is the year of jubilee.

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On the occasion ofGhana’s 50th anniversary.


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