there is this American pastor whose sermons and blogs i have grown to love so much. he states the word how it is supposed to be. he does not try to please his audience. he speaks to the very ills of society and to me, he is an end time prophet. he did this piece on relationship and its kinda worth reading. check it out. remember that i did not write it.

A Match Made in Heaven”
Singles Week Revisited – Part 1
Proverbs 3:6 – “Seek his will in all you do, and he will direct
your paths.” NLT

The vow of marriage is a vow. Therefore, we cannot experiment with casual dating, premature intimacy, and multiple simultaneous relationships. We must follow God, even while we are in the dating stage. If you are single, God must lead you! Many single’s conferences will tell you that there is no match made in heaven and that you choose your spouse on your own. They will say that it’s your choice who you choose to spend the rest of your life with. But my bible tells me that in all my ways, I should acknowledge God’s power, and he will direct me. How can I see the future? How could I ever know, with the stakes so high, that I’m choosing the right woman or man? You can’t, unless you are lead by the Spirit of the Lord. I refuse to believe that God won’t lead us to the spouse of his choosing. With society’s methods of raising children and exposing them to all kinds of spirits as they are growing up, there’s no telling these days what kinds of issues you are marrying into. God has to be first in order to be heard! So, if he is speaking to you at all, then why can’t he speak that man or woman of your dreams to you? Why can’t he say Yea or Nay before you say “I do?”

I encourage all singles to find yourselves and your place in God first. Before you ever pursue a relationship, pursue God. Wait until you hear the voice of God about your life, your future, and your purpose. Until the bible speaks to you, don’t do it! Until you are sure that God is leading you, don’t do it. Don’t leave it to chance! Do you honestly believe that God can lead you to the right job, or the right career, or can empower you to cast out devils, and heal the sick, but he can’t show you who your spouse should be? Trust God. Something as important and lasting as a marriage covenant should not be given to chance. And before you are ever blessed to marry the person of your dreams, you must first become a blessing for them!

Suggested Reading: Psa. 37:4, Matt. 6:33, Prov. 16:9, Prov. 19:21

©2011 G. Craige Works All Rights Reserved


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