Today is 20th April, 2011.  It is the birthday of a beloved friend of mine.  It is also another milestone in my life.  It is the day I attend my last class on the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology campus.  As I prepare for my last POLITICS IN GHANA class, I deem it fit to write an ode for my lecturer who has lectured us for four good years, Mr.   Kwasi Amakye  Boateng, as he takes us through our last class.  Adios!


It is four good years of been under that baritone voice of yours

Always booming with in-depth political philosophies and analysis

Some we understood, others we could not comprehend.   Those we do not understand, we hope to as we take calculated and determined steps towards the exit of KNUST.

Like the huge cock in front of Republic hall, you spread your academic wings over us

Like the statue of the running man in Independence Hall, you taught us to be pacesetters

Like the symbol of Unity Hall, you entreated us not to just hold our knees and look at the world.

Like the iconic Sir John of Katanga, you encouraged us to rest not in our endeavours

You are in your own world and your own unique person.

At times you tend to confuse us.  Was it that you are controversial or it is just that you are outspoken?  That is a puzzle we might solve or never solve.

That voice of yours will continue to resonate in our heads as we go out and take charge of the world

When radio stations don’t carry your voice again, we will radiate with it

Parking our books, saying goodbye to these small classrooms ,  poised to go and untie the knot of wisdom,  all we can say is…. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

Written on 20/04/2011 @  10:46 am.


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