I love young men and women who are very innovative.   I  love to proclaim them to the world.   watch this space.  read on.

BB is the romantic name most ladies have given to it.  BlackBerry is its full name.  It’s the technology that is making rounds in Ghana now. Our ladies are craving for it.  Our guys are playing with it. The BlackBerry device has more functions than just for calls and browsing.  You have to enter into the paradise and have a full experience of all the latest applications.

You don’t need to subscribe to any network provider to have INTERNET ACCESS CONFIGURATION.

You can get FIRMWARE upgrades to the latest device software, OS version 6.0

You can also get games and numerous educational applications

What about Bible software for your smartphone?

He has the mind of the inventor of BlackBerry.  He is deft with anything concerning Blackberry. He handles BlackBerry like how an experienced cardiologist will handle the heart and play with it.  As a surgeon will deal with a patient, so he opens up all faulty BlackBerry phones, deals with them, heals them and bring them back to life.  He is the BlackBerry Doctor.  He is based on the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Campus.

Folks out there, for all your BlackBerry issues, just pick your phone and give him a dial on 0244-821-375.  Arrange a date with the Blackberry Doctor and you will fall in love all over again with this innovation.  There are special incentives for ladies.  Rush now to avoid a blackberry stampede.  LOL.


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