NISAF KLODIN – the new fashion revolution.

crazy design making guys and gals looking  crazily handsome and elegant.   designs coming from the heart and mind of  a certain Kwasi Asafo Adjei.   innovation dancing in circles around the cities of Ghana and infiltrating our campuses.   guess how you will look in  some of these nice wears or how that beauty of a damsel will appreciate it if you get one to add up to here wardrobe?  gentlemen and ladies, lets look cute.  dont just admire them, get in touch, pick one, two, three and more.  put them on and look at your self in the mirror. after that, give me a call.  its innovation stemming from the heart of the country.

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2 thoughts on “NISAF KLODIN – the new fashion revolution.”

  1. wow u ve done a lot here…..very impressed!! Well done and I love yours pics too but who is the special lady…

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