There is this captivating story in 1 KINGS 17.  Elijah announces to King Ahab that there shall be no dew or rain for three years except by his words. True to this pronouncement, there occurred a three year severe drought in Israel. But in the midst of all these calamities, God provided Elijah with a stream called Cherith.  Also, he was fed by ravens daily. Then one day river Cherith dried up. Has your Cherith ever dried up?  Your river Cherith could be your most adored pal, your comfortable academic standing, your spiritual life, your finances and the like.  Did you ask yourself why your Cherith dried up?

Take it that you have this friend who stimulates your heart, soul and mind. Someone you spend all your good times with and think about the whole day through. Then one day you wake up to the news that that special someone is gone forever. Either she is dead or he is gone far from you.  Suddenly, the path you threaded together is no more.  Maybe in your first to third year, you worked very had and you’ve placed yourself in a very comfortable first class division. Then in your final year, before you could say jack, you drop drastically to second class lower. Nothing seems to be going on well in your academics. The stream is dry!

You started a wonderful walk with Christ when you were a freshman on campus.  But after sometime you couldn’t just bring yourself to pray or study the Bible or even go for fellowship meetings. Your stream has run dry.  It could be money matters.  They could metamorphose from good to worse. Once you ate five times in a day. But it got to a time that you had to embark on involuntary hunger strike. Have you ever quizzed yourself why these things happen to us? The reason is quite clear. These comfort zones (loved ones, money, uninterrupted success, etc.) cannot perpetually satisfy us. The dangerous thing about our comfort zones is that, as we hung too long around them, we fall in love with them and forget about the Provider.

When your Cherith keeps flowing, you cultivate pride. Will you not walk about with both your nose and mouth in the sky if you were to have everything you dreamt of? Will a trouble-free relationship or enough spending money lose sight of the fact that we are only pilgrims passing through planet earth to a better land?  Elijah nearly forgot about why he was in Israel until the stream dried up. Good things that come our way are not recipes for us to recluse, but for us to rest. The Cherith flowing in your life is for you to take a sip, and then continue your journey.  Perhaps you’ve being tempted to quit and stay near a free flowing stream in your life.  This could be perilous, so God dries up the stream and tells you, “It’s time to move on. There is more land to cover”.

When river Cherith dried up, Elijah had to follow God’s command and go to meet the needs of a dying widow and her son. Sometimes, when we are riding smoothly on the tides of life, we tend to forget about the vicissitudes of others.  God’s blessings on our lives at times become barricades that keep us from drawing closer to HIM.

People of God, do not cry too long over your dried stream! Lift up your eyes to God who gave all these blessings – there are better days ahead.  Next time a dear one disappears to nowhere, your average drops or you get broke, it is God saying “BREAK OVER PLEASE!”


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