Atongo is a robust truck pusher at the Dodowa market. He has never seen the inside of a classroom. He is stark illiterate. Life is really hard for him. He barely makes 5 cedis a day. He has five children to take care of. His two younger sisters also depend on his meager wages for a living. Thought after thought landed him in one of the most lucrative but dangerous jobs on the land, armed robbery. His first robbery expedition was very successful; no blood shed but more money. On his second trip however, supposed home devils struck. He was caught just after killing a young lady and robbing her of her valuables. He is sent to court and sentenced to death by hanging. Whilst on death roll, he meets an evangelist who visited the prisons to share the word of God. Three days later, he was executed.
Owusu is a final year student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He comes from an affluent home and has friends from similar backgrounds. He has love for women and boasts about the number of ladies he has conquered in bed. He does fairly well in his academic. He also doesn’t miss his Sunday church services. That is where he gets to exhibit the new dance style he has learnt and to show off his newest designer shirt. He drives a posh car, which draw ladies to him like nectar will do to insects. It is the usual ‘Friday chill-out’. His car is loaded with friends, who are all returning from an all-night clubbing. He drives the car into a ditch. The next morning, it is announced that Owusu died in an accident. All his friends are sad. All his sex victims have bitter faces. He is also gone.
Roland is a devout Christian. He starts life with a daily devotion with his Maker. During services, his prayer-power is unrivalled. He is also very hardworking and participates actively in all activities of the church. He is a leader of one department of the church. However, he is so quick tempered and have problem with how he talks to people. These weaknesses in him have scattered a lot of people from the church. He however refuses to change, always thinking what he does is right. One lady who was a new convert went back to her clubbing life because over there, she is respected.
Jesuslyn is a very beautiful lady. Even her name is so pleasant to the ear. Her daddy is a reverend minister. She therefore takes her church activities so serious. She is a member of the choir and sings so well. Her voice is so smooth and soothing that anytime she picks the microphone to sing, the whole church is ushered into another realm of spirituality. Outside the church, she loves to party. Going to the club once in a while is no big deal. Small small kissing with her boyfriend and small smooching is not a sin. She is still a virgin. She always despises her roommates who never go to church and do not read their Bibles.
Elorm comes from a fairly religious home. Her parents go to church all right. She has however not understood the essence of Christianity. So when she came to the university, she saw the ‘light’ and stopped wasting her time going to church all together. She dresses in very skimpy mini-micro skirts. Her backside is always open to the world. A day without sex is a taboo to her. She takes a little alcohol once in a while. Her evening are all spent chilling out big time. Her roommates are all leaders of various Christian denominations on campus. Because of her lifestyle, she has been ostracized. They do not talk to her or share anything with her.
Frederick is a nice gentleman who is loved by everyone. He is a member of the prayer wing and is very disciplined in all aspects of his life. He is a good preacher as well. He dresses nicely and is slightly shy of ladies. Everyone in church talks nicely of him and he is a role model to a lot of people in church. He is also a first class student. He always leads the exams half night prayers. In the exams hall however, he has a long neck and a very powerful whispering voice. He doesn’t hesitate to seek help when he cannot answer a question. He also helps out when others call on him. After all, Christians are advised to be kind and benevolent. On Frederick’s laptop, he has 100GB of hidden pornographic videos that he watches from time to time. He just wants to learn and prepare for his marriage. He despises fornication in any form.
Brethren, the second coming of Christ is so near, and it seems the world is living in the danger zone of sin. Have you thought of where you will go when this earthly life is past or death takes you by surprise? Will the seed that you are sowing today bring a harvest that will last? Have you found a part of you in any of the characters above? Are you shirking your responsibilities? Have become a scatterer of sheep instead of been a shepherd? Have you taken over the judgement sit of God, and sentencing people yourself? Are you a hypocrite who likes to please men and displease God?
World events recently show clearly that the end is nearer than ever. The sands of time are running out and the hour glass is almost filled up. There is a tiny and pleading voice calling out there, so outspoken, so clear and loud, backed by evidence, saying ‘SET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER’. No matter who you are, Christ is coming soon.



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