On this sacred bridge I sit and minister unto all citizens of the kingdom my departing words. With abundant wisdom at the foot of Sir John and overflowing blessing from Father John Bosco, I speak to all who have the black and yellow blood running through their systems. It is to you great Fellows of the great empire of KATANGA I address. Rise up and come down to the sacred bridge to listen to the parting words of a torch bearer of our proud heritage.
As I sit on this sacred bridge of size-less architecture with the fresh water of peace and solidarity passing underneath it, reminiscing old times, I can strike my chest and say the 21st century has seen a people more united than the people of Biblical Babel. I see a people just in the caste of the blessed Israel. I see a heritage that has changed the destinies of many lives across time. Forty-eight years of phenomenal presence of a larger KATANGA in a smaller KNUST I have seen.

Many battles have we fought. Many times have we had casualties; casualties that we never regretted. Many are our secret admirers. It is only the cowards who fear and despise us. Our achievements we can not tabulate and our victories we can not count. KATANGA has made lions out of sheep. Great men have slept here before and gallant warriors have been birthed here. Legends walk the corridors of the hall every minute. Degrees have been sacrificed. Pleasure has been suspended and fear thrown out of the window; all in the quest to make sure KATANGA KEEPS GROWING POWERFUL. As is the journey of life, KATANGA sends others out to go and affect the world, whilst other gallant men are birthed.
Nehemiah heard of the broken walls of Jerusalem and cried. Fellows will not sit down for our walls to get broken. We will not behave like the proverbial ostrich. As I sit on the bridge and look around, I see with my multiple eyes, cracks in the walls that serve as a fortress of this empire. I see rust developing on our golden gates. I see our grass and our lilies withering.

I see the watchers of our gate dozing. I see strange people entering and crossing our borders and introducing strange cultures. Unfortunately, most of the strong boys are being sent out to go and affect the world. The good news however is that KATANGA never lacks men of steel and of iron. As we walk out into the world, we can give a sigh of hope and relief, but we can not go without prompting you and without tutoring and leaving you with some of the golden nuggets we pick under the feet of SIR JOHN.
Let that powerful bombard go off. Let it shake the very foundations of KNUST.

Let Fellows come down and hear my parting words. I might not have given you bars of gold when I served as the torch bearer and a warrior of this noble heritage. However my words might be more than the diamond deposits that make the smaller Katanga (congo) one of the richest places on earth. Listen to me all ye Katangees.
Pick up your tools, descend from ZONGO, ZONGO ANNEX, MIDDLE EAST, UPPER EAST, WILD WILD WEST, UPPER AND LOWER ANNEXES, UPPER AND LOWER BRIDGES, SHABA and come down. Respond to the call of the bombardier and come down and renovate the weary structures of the empire. Build up the solidarity that has developed cracks. Solidarity is our fortress and without it, we are doomed.

Do everything within your power to make sure solidarity in the hall is at an all time high. Commandos of WILD WILD WEST; come down and arouse the spirit of student activism in all. Let the divine drummer get down on the drums and lets the empire resonate with those powerful chants that break down all walls of Jericho that obstruct the freedom of students.
Fellows, let us teach the others how to treat ladies nicely. We should not forget that we are the hall of true gentlemen; men who know how to treat and protect ladies well. Let us erase that erroneous impression that the kingdom is a hell for ladies. More so, let us maintain the aesthetic nature of the hall, or yet still improve on it.

For your information, KATANGA has got no rival, so please let us not waste precious time on Unwanted Null Inert Torn Yokels (u-n-i-t-y). Let us spend more time studying to show ourselves approved. When you hear the call of KATANGA, never chicken out or harden your heart. The heritage you are so proud of today had to be protected by men who walked out and fought bare-handed against guns, spears and arrows and won. It is your time. Let us fade out all the intruders and chase out the traitors. My colleague Fellows, as you might know, society is so dynamic. Let us transform our ways of doing things so that we can move ahead of the world and usher the rest of the world into the 22nd century before it even comes.
With a sense of purpose, a heart full of the Katanga blood, unparalleled solidarity and dedication, we shall surely get there.

A walk down memory lane and a nostalgic walk through all the corridors of power and love in KATANGA, and I felt like staying again.

Gentle steps all the way up the ninth floor to have a better view of this great abode; gentle steps back to the courtyard; gentle steps towards MANHYIA and my whole system is hushed. Had I not been a warrior, I would have shed tears. Final gentle steps towards the sacred abode of Sir John, I go down and present my testimonials to the Legendary Scholar for his perusal. Last step back from those huge books, more inspired to REST NOT in all my endeavours, maximum respect to my predecessor, Abdullah Issah and my successor Festival Godwin Boateng, promising to let the legend live on forever in me, I COURAGE AHIATI, a true son of the land where only the brave and the wise survive, BOW OUT.  When the trumpets of Jubilee sound, we will come to give accounts of our stewardship.  THE LEGEND LIVES ON!!!!

The parting words of a Hall Secretary.
10th June, 2011.