Fear, anxiety, and insomnia hunt my lonely soul.
I live with a bleeding scar and in sorrow…
I feel devastated as I drown in tears of blood,
which witness my pain and stain my pillow.

You swore it wouldn’t happen again, yet you abused
and bruised my heart; and your presence is terror…
Your abuse is tearing my world apart.

Now on my own, I feel used under dark clouds.
– Why should I live with a bleeding scar?

Due to your abuse, I seek solace in alcohol.
I feel like I am walking on egg’s shell
and the painful memories I revive in strife.

Your abusive behavior causes health problems.
I am always in hospital just to fix a broken bone.
I’m too scared to share my story with the care givers.

You are only interested in jeopardizing my life.
Who will be my comforter? I’m tired of seeking refuge
at a friend’s and domestic violence shelter!

You never reciprocate the perfect love I show you…
You may need me some day, but no chance from me again.
I won’t continue to play the game your way.



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