This class is undoubtedly one of the best classes that I found myself in.   it consisted of wonderful characters that will always make a writer’s pen ink eager to flow.  The class members and the lecturers alike make a wonderful family.   The first two years saw an over populated class like China, so everyone kept to himself until all the refugees and illegal immigrants were sieved out.  We however maintained some asylum seekers from the History class.   That was when the producer screamed ‘ACTION’ and the movie of life started.

The class was more like a country demarcated into very evident regions.  There was the frontline region of the perceived serious students who always hijacked any academic discussion in the class.  The regional minister was our fastest academic rapper in history.  I am sure she might have committed the whole Bible to memory by now.  She will readily beat rapper Sarkodie in any contest.   Due to some unknown ties with her, I will omit her name for now.  The likes of Prudence, Mama Tabitha, Salima, Agya Peter and Gyamponsa Peter.   We also had the dispersed region who only contributed in class when it comes to the issues of girls and other non-academic issues.  Over here Vondee is an authority and Usher Ray is an expert.     The backbench region was very much informed about issues relating to clubbing, girls and anything entertainment and fashion.  Talk of the likes of Ekow the toad, Burberry the silent killer, Hans Herbert and Black-Mo.  Then we had the ghost region where you will never see anyone of them contribute to any issue at all.   Gloria Papanko, Anita Newman and their compatriots form this region.

Who even said ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’?   We were all in a political science class where Prudence Owusu, wife of the most romantic gentleman of the class played Mugabe on us.  She was the perpetual class president and imposed her whims and caprices on us.    We saw her grow from that fearful bookworm to that sexy student leader.  I never knew that she could exhibit that talent of a high school sexy girl who always wear skirts that make guys wonder what was next.  She was however one of the best that we had as a class.   If you don’t know, she was learning karate to enable her protect Vandyke from predators.

If the department was to go strictly by the regulations of the school, people like Usher Ray, Ogashie, Pinocchio (how many of you even know him), Black-Mo and Sefa Badu Mills will still be in first year.  Did the slim Kezia attend class more than them?   Aha, there was this time that Kezia and Ekow had to sit on one chair.  Even Satan would have told them it was wrong.   These people were so  allergic to class that their class attendance combined together amounted to just two semesters.    Pinocchio is on record for attending class for just one minute.   Right Honourable Vondee was the Shadow class president.   He presided over all the absentees.  Together with Usher Ray, they exhibited the talent of shifting cultivation where they run shift in relation to classes.  Usher Ray had the talent of mixing up the courses.  I just imagined what life would have been with him as our class rep.  He once said he was going for a PROBLEMS IN POLITICAL THEORY class.   Gosh!

In the contest for most handsome gentleman of the class, you will see people like Obese and Osibisa getting all the cat-calls.  Please I have not mentioned anyone’s name.   not forgetting  Bernard Quansah of blessed Negro memory.   Who wins the race?  As for me I can not sit in front of this my 1960 IBM computer and decide.

Hmmmmn! Please do not laugh.  One man who was always a mystery for the class was MR. the Boy Boyefio.  He was either ahead of the class or behind the class.   What most of us didn’t know was that anytime he was saying something that looked like he was thinking ahead; he was actually in a trance flying a plane.  His brain was always tuned to the speed of the plane and the noise that he hardly hears anything that goes on in class.  I remember the first time I sat so close to him in a computer class.  He picked his mouse and raised it into the air like the steering wheel of an airplane.  That’s MR. BOY for you.  Do you remember this:   PLEASE SIR, CAN YOU REPEAT WHAT YOU SAID?  WHEN YOU WERE TALKING I WAS BUSILY WRITING.

This is part one of the Kyeiwaa-like series that will be unfolding.   Watch out for the likes of Afia Nkotoweseza, Salima the doubted virgin, Agya Petel Salpong, Ato Kwamina, the grandson of Aya Koo and many more.  You can’t afford to miss.  Please like some  daft lecturer I know,I will not tolerate any threats…..hahahhaha.  if you think you have anything to say, drop it in the column created for comments, not on my phone line.  This is the work of an innocent writer.



  1. U r always on my nerves, but ur tym wld cum. Ahah courage, do u knw e list wld nt be complete if u r oblivious of our last days on campus? N nt ignoring e Courage who hardly atended lectures in our first n second year. No wonda u played e Machiavelian tactis by leavin out dos periods. Hey why e suden change in e 3 n 4 yr?

      1. LOL. you are just … hmmm..
        it’s a beautiful piece. I liked Petel Salpong, and the ghost class attendants the most. keep it up!

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