Can you imagine a life where we all listen to and follow our hearts and divine guidance from above?  Take a minute and imagine it.  Take a moment and imagine your perfect world.   Let that perfect picture of your world encompass your heart, then your home.  Let it includes your family, your friends, your workmates, your town and the country as a whole.  Let it go beyond the country and include the world.   Is that not the world we all dream of living in?  We all aspire to be in the Garden Eden model of the world which is absent of the suffering and where all things fall in place. Continue reading THE PERFECT PICTURE



On a very normal 18th day of JULY some ninety-three years ago, another child was born to add up to the numbers of the human race.  As his mum wailed and went through the pains of labour, little did she know that one day her son will become perhaps the most revered man in the world today.  The world today celebrates one of its great citizens today.  Continue reading MADIBA, THE WORLD SALUTES YOU!




It used to be called the Garden City.   I just overheard someone saying it has now metamorphosed into  Garbage CITY.  He is lucky it was not heard.   Kumasi is no doubt a wonderful city with  wonderful people and an amazing lifestyle.  Asante Twi is the language that rules over here.   It is spoken everywhere; in the banking  halls, in schools and especially on KNUST campus.  KUMASI has managed to create its own unique atmosphere.   When you arrive and stay in Kumasi for a week without noticing any of these things, then you are lost.  You might be in Mafe-Kumasi then. Continue reading THE GARDEN CITY

My Woolly Mat

On my woolly  mat, my hand between my thighs

I cry, yet I smile. I sob, yet I laugh

On my woolly mat I lie, my finger on my lips

I fall, yet I stand. I lose, yet I win.

Night falls on my woolly mat

Day breaks on my woolly mat

Darkness hides me on my mat

Light shows me to the world on my mat

On my woolly mat, I lie

I touch penury and I taste opulence

I exhale conflict and I inhale tranquility

I greet death and I salute life.

My woolly mat is the eye of the world

with my finger on my lips

with my hand locked between my thighs

I lie on my wooly mat and watch the world change colours

Courage Ahiati © 2011, All rights reserved

This poem is dedicated to all my friends  who I have fallen out with.  so is the world.


I was just playing with the tuner of my radio, just like how I play with the hair of my lady friends (did I just say that?), when that sexy and silky voice caught my attention and froze my mischief-trained fingers.  He was at it again and the ladies were all glued to their set, blushing though they aren’t fair or white.  Then the jingle came playing DJ NY.  He is touted as perhaps the finest young DJ in town.  Known in private life as Ebenezer Donkoh, he started his education at a school with wooden structure and high tension cables over it.  That did not deter him however from pursuing his dreams.  He also attended Kumasi Academy.  Anytime I set eyes on this music spin doctor,  I wonder if he is related to the US president.  They have something in common, which the rabbit also displays a lot (hope he doesn’t read this).   This is NY DJ re-created on my blog.  Just push the button and read on. Continue reading $FINEST AND YOUNGEST? *DJ NY*