….hunger for power or protection of Heirloom?

Being prepared for the worst is always one thing.  Confronting its stark actualisation is another.  There is a point at which the mind threatens to fold up, succumbing to its own destructive power of evocation – Wole Soyinka

JULY 8, 2011 will go down into the annals of Ghanaian politics.   The ruling National Democratic congress goes to congress on that fateful day to elect the one who will carry their flag and lead them into the 2012 political battle in Ghana.  A cursory look with a political eye at the NDC shows  that it  is going through some turbulent times since it took over the reigns of government.   However the upcoming congress is more like the final arbiter   in all the recent occurrences in that political party. Like most human institutions, the party seems to be going through a revolution.  A revolution where the myth and power preponderance  of the founder, Jerry John Rawlings is at stake.  A revolution where the very future of the party is at stake.  A revolution which can affect the political landscape of our dear country.  

In this great political drama, which’s rehearsal we have witnessed for weeks now are four main characters; the founder Flt Lt.  Jerry John Rawlings, Prof John Atta Mills, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and the delegates of the party.  Minor characters are mostly the foot soldiers and the presence of two pressure groups within the party.  A certain FONKAR and a certain GAME.   Prior to this great drama, new words, phrases and others have come up.   ‘YUTONG BUS, GREEDY BASTARD, OLONKA, MTN’ and many others.


Jerry John Rawlings.

Until recently, he was to the NDC what an Ayatollah is to Iran.  He was so much adored and his presence so captivating.  He holds so much power and influence that he decides who occupies what position and at what time.   He made sure Dr. Kwabena Adjei was chosen ahead of Dr. Obed Asamoah as chairman of the party.  He also made sure Prof. Atta Mills, who was relatively known then to become his running mate and subsequently flagbearer ahead of others like Gosie Tandoh and Prof. Kwesi Botchwey.  His every wish became law in the party.  He now supports his wife in her bid to become flagbearer of the party.  Will his magic work this time?  Why will he do that against someone who he handpicked, protected and openly campaigned for?  Is there something that outsiders of the party are not being told?  What will happen if his wife loses the contest?   Will that tilt the power preponderance in the party?  Will he support whoever is elected to lead the party?      Indications on the wall point to the fact that the myth around Jerry Rawlings is gradually being unveiled.  Is it a case of Delilah and Sampson?  Is he putting love ahead of every other thing?  We all live to see what becomes of this man who has become a phenomenal factor for this nation all these years.


Prof. John Evans Atta Mills.

This man seems to be the most battered in terms of political wrangling in recent times.  He goes into the NDC congress as the most preferred candidate.  Prior to his picking of forms, there was a rumour that he was going to shock the nation by not contesting.  Why did that not happen?  Almost all the stalwarts of the party who stood behind Jerry Rawlings are now solidly vouching for the Professor.  He is referred to as the Yutong bus driver.  Some said he is dozing on the seat.  Some also argue that he is the best driver for such a bus and at such a time.  He seems to be relaxed in all the tensed happenings.  What makes him so sure of victory?  Does he doubt the influence of the founder?  Will they ever come back when he wins the contest?   Is he the best candidate for the NDC going into the 2012 elections?   Whatever be it, will Atta Mills get endorsed?  Lets cross our arms and wait for July 8.



She is making history as the first former first lady in Africa to contest the flagbearership of her party against a sitting president.   She encourages her supporters to be bold.  She is mostly present at almost every mega entertainment event in the country.  Has she seen something that Uncle Atta has not seen?   What makes her so confident that she can oust Atta Mills from the high thrones of the NDC?  If she is lucky enough to win the contest, will she be the best candidate the party can present to Ghanaians?   Is she capable of ruling Ghana?  Is Ghana even ready for a female president?  Is she trying to reclaim a family heirloom that they think they are loosing hold of?  Is there another intention behind her decision?  Will she be a good driver for their Yutong bus?

Whatever be it, the elections on July 8 hold a lot.  As for the delegates, you can never read their mind.  All of us will just have to wait, just like how I am sure Nana Addo (flagbearer of NPP) will follow every detail of that congress.   Whatever happens there will directly or indirectly affect the NPP, which is the largest opposition currently, so they will also be following with keen interest.  Will there be some defections to the NPP after the congress?  We wait to see.  Is there a likelihood of Jerry Rawlings ever leaving his party?  What did he mean by saying he will take his party back?

On July 8, the Jabulani ball will be placed on the spot once again.  This time, there will be no Asamoah Gyan to break the hearts of Ghanaians.  It is a political Jabulani.  The delegates of the NDC will be the kick- takers.   Who will carry the day?  Lets all troop to the Sunyani Political Stadium in our Yutong buses to witness this historic match.  One name that we must all watch out for is a certain MICHAEL TEYE NYAUNOR (MTN).     Let whatever happens there however help the growth of democracy in Ghana.


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