Red swollen eyes graced my nights;

Floods of tears besiege my bed

Sleepless nights just thinking of you,

Why did it come so soon?

Death itself would have been surprised,

The heart throbs with pain and drips with sorrow

The mind wanders knowing not where to go

The body tosses restlessly and painfully

The river of love flows solemnly on its path

But it creates a division between us

On its bank I stand and cast a wishful eye

I can see your face radiating with life

The world envied our love

The oceans gossiped about our bond

The skies admired us from afar

And the earth whispered silently about us

Why did you cross to the other side?

Why did you leave me in the middle of the journey?

When the arms of love were ready to embrace us

When the world was eager to celebrate us.

My heart throbs with pain unknown

My eyes has run dry with tears

Love smiled at me once and pushed me into the ditch

The cold of the night eats deep and stings

Come back my love, come back to me

My arms are wide open, my heart is desperate

My hands are stretched, ready to hold yours across the river

Ready to hold you tight and close

Ready to love you again, come back my love.

  Courage Ahiati © 2011, All rights reserved


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