This is good news for all users of mobile telecommunication in Ghana.    It is time the consumer becomes the most important person to these mobile companies.  It is now working in Ghana; the mobile number portability. It simply means you can quit from your mobile network and join another one without changing your mobile number.  If you are experiencing poor services from your provider, this is your time to switch to a better network.

If you want to switch, this is the time.  When you have decided which of the other networks you want to switch to, just walk into any of their service outlets with your phone, SIM card and ID card.  Whoever is in charge will give you a detailed education about how the whole process works.  After the processes, you will be requested to send a free text message to get the porting process going.

In some few hours time, viola, away with bad network.  You will be duly kept informed through text messages by your new network.  Remember that you still maintain your old number.  However before you change to another network, make sure you have used all the call credits on your phone.   The moment you switch to another network, any credit form your former service provider will be blocked.  The good news is that if you are still not satisfied with the services of your new providers, you can port to another mobile company after 30 days.

So next time, you call your service providers help line and instead of someone talking to you, they leave you to listen to their adverts for 30minutes or more, you must know what to do.  When you begin to receive text messages in Russian language from your service provider when they have not sent you to Language

school, advise yourself.   When your mobile service provider is so disrespectful enough to increase charges without informing their customers, Olalla!!!!, this is the time to pull the strings on them.  If internet charges are so high on your network, yet the speed is as slow as something,   just give them the sack.

This is our time, the power is ours now to flex muscles with this mobile phone companies.  We have tolerated them enough  and this is the time to force them to give us better

services and cool charges.  So I say, if your network no dey do you well, pa pa pa… AWAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY.



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