They walked by my hut neatly dressed.    Their ladies were in long skirts and modest cloth.  They swung their Bibles with pride and had smiles all over their faces.  They knocked on my door.  I welcomed them into my house and asked of their mission.  They held a booklet with pictures and took me through the story of JESUS.  They told me wonderful stories of this man.  They said if I believe in him everything will be ok.  It does not cost much.  They said I should turn from my evil ways.  They said I should confess my sins.  They said I should believe in my heart that He came to die for me.  After that everything will be ok.  I will become rich.  I will not lack anything.   I will not fall sick.  They said I should just be righteous and do good always.  They said if I sin, I will die.

This sounds very pleasant to me.   I accepted JESUS into my heart.   I knelt down and one of the ladies prayed for me.   Her voice was so gentle and sober in prayers.  I felt happy afterwards.  They gave me a new shirt and a new trouser.  They advised me to attend church always and fellowship with believers. They gave me a New Testament Bible and told me to read it always.  They said goodbye and left.

I am now a Christian.  I do whatever they have told me.  However, the promises they gave are hardly seen.   When I go to church, they do not want to sit close to me because I am in tattered cloth and I do not put on nice shoes.  I saw the sister who led me to Christ.  She no longer wears her long skirts.   She now wears a micro-mini skirt and very tempting clothing.  She doesn’t seem to recognize me.  When I approached her, she spoke big English that I could never comprehend.  She says I should not waste her time.    Her thighs look nice though and I wish I had her all to myself.  But was she not the one who told be to be righteous always?

I visited the other brother the last time.  I had a difficulty with something I read in the Bible.  I thought he could help me.  He couldn’t find his Bible and it seems the particular text was strange to him.  I still had the New Testament he gave me but he says it is not advanced.  He needs one with a concordance.  I told him of my problems.  He just said he is facing his own problems so we should all deal with ours.

The pastor preaches so well and I am always fired up.  He stresses always on the dangers of fornication and adultery.  I always pray that I will live by the daily sermons that I hear.  I pay a visit to my pastor to get more inspiration. I knock on the door.  No one responds.  I knock again but did not hear any response.  However the door seemed open and I could hear voices.  Is something wrong with pastor?  I opened the door slowly and lo and behold, there was my beloved pastor.   He seems to be giving a serious practical sex lesson to the worship leader of the church.  That girl who could take the whole church to the gates of Heaven with her voice.

I am now confused.  I am discouraged and do not know what to do.  Should I quit?  Do they believe in what they preach at all?   Why is the church full of hypocrites?  Do they know what they are doing to young souls and to the body of Christ?  Why can they not be themselves and seek help instead?  Why are they driving innocent souls away from the saving grace?

If you find yourself in any of part of this story, seek help and get saved.  Your actions might drive away souls from the saving grace.  Your actions might scatter souls from the kingdom.   If you are discouraged because of  the behavior of people who claim to be Christians,  look up to JESUS and emulate HIM.  He is the only yardstick.



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