I have been thinking about this for sometime I think I must pour out my thoughts here.   So many years ago, the need arose that a woman who was a queen of her town picks up arms and lead the male dominated army to fight the British.  This was unthinkable in those days.  It was at a time that women were relegated to the background and the British had a very formidable army.  I am very sure the woman-led army was severely defeated.  however for the singular act of defying her boundaries and putting up such an extra-ordinary act of bravery, Nana Yaa Asantewaa is touted today as one of the brave African women of all time.  No one ever seems to mention or even talk about the outcome of her action itself.  no one ever talks about the defeat.

     Years on, a descendant of Nana Yaa Asantewaa   faces a similar situation.  This time, it is not her homeland but her political kingdom, which was founded supposedly by her husband.  This time it is not the British army she had to fight but someone who used to be her husband’s right hand man.   In the face of all adversity, she picked up the challenge and took inspiration from her great ancestor.  She went into the battle very confident.  Even when defeat stirred her in the face, she was still confident.  She was given a resounding beating.  Then the media and all political animals went on a teasing and leg-pulling spree.  People became very innovative all of a sudden. Irrespective of the motive behind her actions, can’t women of our dear nation see something good in the step she took?  Can they not take inspiration from her actions and also step up their game?  In the midst of all the affirmative action and the noise-making about equality,   can Ghanaian women not see something good in what Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings did and take a sip of motivation from her? Perhaps, Nana Yaa Asantewaa of blessed memory will be smiling in her grave and will be so proud of her daughter.  We must not always be critical about the downfall and fault of people.  We can pick vital lessons form their actions and in-actions.  Nana Konadu, despite everything, thumbs up for picking up such audacious task.  After all, was Obama, who was not just black but half African and below 50 years, not made president of the United States?



  1. we wld have to take e situatns into a serious consideration. Maybe nana konadu got it al wrong. Bt al e same, she took a very bold initiative. I admire her so much.

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