I was just playing with the tuner of my radio, just like how I play with the hair of my lady friends (did I just say that?), when that sexy and silky voice caught my attention and froze my mischief-trained fingers.  He was at it again and the ladies were all glued to their set, blushing though they aren’t fair or white.  Then the jingle came playing DJ NY.  He is touted as perhaps the finest young DJ in town.  Known in private life as Ebenezer Donkoh, he started his education at a school with wooden structure and high tension cables over it.  That did not deter him however from pursuing his dreams.  He also attended Kumasi Academy.  Anytime I set eyes on this music spin doctor,  I wonder if he is related to the US president.  They have something in common, which the rabbit also displays a lot (hope he doesn’t read this).   This is NY DJ re-created on my blog.  Just push the button and read on.

If the role of the artist is to tell what he sees, then NY DJ can be classified a true artist. In all his works, he takes you through the reality of the DJ’s world. In a blatant, uncompromising language, he takes you into the ghetto streets and shows you the real deal. He doesn’t take the easy way out—merely glamorizing the lifestyle to make it look good. No, he’s a true player…of music, that is, he shows you the unglamorous dark side to the DJing life, the side that leaves you strung out, messed up and dying inside. Truth be told, NY DJ (aka Ebenezer Donkoh), is a force to reckon with in the game of hip hop, Hip Life, Crank and R&B in Ghana.

          Beginning as a producer for the Focus Party Mix on Focus fm in 2006, NY DJ got onto the scene when he had to host the program on behalf of his cousin who was not available due to ill heart. He also doubled as a DJ with the KNUST pool side, one of the most recreational and jamming spots in the Garden City which has to date hosted most of the impressive shows in Kumasi, Ghana.  This was where he gathered his followers. Currently a graduate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology, NY DJ won the best DJ award for Focus fm in 2009, the prestigious award of the night. He has received recognition nationwide and had recently been rated among the most listened to Disc Jockey by the readers of local entertainment papers such as Flex Magazine and also appeared on hip hop shows in Australia and USA. Committed to supporting Ghanaian music talent on his shows and regularly hosts unsigned talent on his shows. Some of these artistes have featured on Homestretch Bumper to Bumper on the Kapital Radio.

    The show has hosted so many international and local artistes. The show airs on Kapital Radio 97.1Mhz each weekday from 3:30pm till 7:00pm. His shows are head banging and full of life .Playing new music first and blowing up talent is what he calls “doing my own thang thang”.  Already made and underground stars have made it on his show. He has really worked and served on so many recognizable entertainment platforms and shows. Among these shows are “The Angel Entertainment Show”, “Weekend City Mix”, and “Angel Party Mix”. The List of some stars who have appeared on his radio shows and mix tapes are Acehood(USA), Stevie Face(Jamaica), Sway(UK), M3nsa(UK), Brick and Lace(USA), Savana Jennings(Jamaica& USA),Reggie Rockstone , Obrafuo , Asem , Okyeame Kwame , Richie , Eazzy , Chemphe , Dj Nyce(USA), Wanlov the Kubolor and the list goes on. NY DJ sounds fresh any time you listen to him and is never scared to try new things. He’s a boy with a dream becoming a man living that dream.

He is currently the youngest Drive time host on commercial radio in Ghana.   Just tune in to Kapital radio 97.1 in Kumasi and you can ascertain what i am trying to market.  some call him the ladies man.  If you are a lady and you need his contact, just get in touch.  HE IS BANGING IT LIKE…..  (anything fits).


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