Can you imagine a life where we all listen to and follow our hearts and divine guidance from above?  Take a minute and imagine it.  Take a moment and imagine your perfect world.   Let that perfect picture of your world encompass your heart, then your home.  Let it includes your family, your friends, your workmates, your town and the country as a whole.  Let it go beyond the country and include the world.   Is that not the world we all dream of living in?  We all aspire to be in the Garden Eden model of the world which is absent of the suffering and where all things fall in place.

In as much as we all would love that perfect world, we should not forget that man has a fallible nature.  Oh!  How boring the world would have been without the joy and vicissitudes juxtaposing, the tears and the laughter interspersing and the failures and success taking turns.  The uncertainties of life, spiced up by our fallibility makes this world an interesting place.  All that I am driving at is that, in as much as we want to drive towards perfection,   we should not forget that we all have weaknesses.   However our strengths fill up the weaknesses in others.  We must there identify these weaknesses and strength and work towards them with love.

Our weaknesses manifest themselves in vital areas of our lives namely academia, race, morality, religion and many others.  We cannot have a perfect world but we can have a near perfect picture of our world when we tolerate and accommodate different people without thinking ourselves superior.  Racial, tribal, political and religious differences should not be an avenue for man to wage an irrational war against himself.   Let us all pick up the olive branch.  Let us build all broken bridges and repair all broken walls.  One world with love  is what we need.


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