1. Great Post Courage! I especially like the section about not despising small responsibilities. This speaks so much to me. I was brought up to always aim for the GREAT.what i failed to realize is that I cant get to 10 without starting at 1. All my life,I have dispised mediocre things.
    Recently, I was offered a position in his company that ihave been with for a little over a year,nothing glamorous but with a lot more responsibilities and just a raise of 50 centsn in my wages. My answer to my manager was a big NO. why? Because like always, I thought it is so mediocre a responsibility and that I could do better.Reading this post now has taught me never to ignore the small things in life. I wish I had had the opportunity to read thisbefore I turned down the position.Oh wall..no good crying over spilled milk. I will be wiser next time. Again,great post,Quarsh!

    • dats great to hear Dufie. Its always guud news to know what i write have effect on people. they are timeless lessons that we all need to hold on to. bigger things ahead, cutie

  2. Courage, Courage, Courage…You know those days when you hear or read something and after you just want to sit there and do nothing else?…Just sit there and savor the moment?…I’m having one of those now…

  3. small beginnings…great ends!!! Very inspiring read. I’l take a lot with me and press on! Thanks Courage.

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