Tradition always has a self-preserving mechanism.  No matter the level of indoctrination or foreign influence, some aspects of culture seem never to go away.  One of such aspects is traditional clothing.   With the filtration of foreign culture and its subsequent influence on the way we dress, one would think our own style of dressing should have been history by now.  However traditional African clothing is holding its own against all the others.  Some designers have gone a step further by blending the traditional style with the western one to create a unique hybrid clothing species.  One of such clothing lines, ALIKOTO CLOTHING is under my layman’s review today.

Alikoto Clothing’s works have stunning patterns and very bright colours.   The brightness and the outstanding colours give it the African look.

Alikoto’s works to me are for all-weather.  An all-purpose wear if I am permitted to say so.

The designs mirror the influence foreign culture has had on the local style though.  You can see the blend of both Western and conventional elements in these works.

The fabrics used look durable and have a trait of naturalness about them.  This makes them comfortable for the tropics.

Alikoto’s works are also styled in a way that reveals the unique body contours and features of the African woman.

Elegant, sexy and pleasing to the eyes.  That is the least I can say about Alikoto Clothing.   Get one for yourself and see the flamboyant you.  Guys, one of these wears as a present for mum, granny or girlfriend will make you a sweetheart forever.

The brain behind the Alikoto Clothing is one young cute lady by name  Ama Diaka.  Below is her cute face and body clad in one of her works.



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