2 Peter 2:1‘But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily  shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction’  – King James version

In recent times, the Christian community all over the world is witnessing what I call  increasing ‘scandalous’ scandals involving most people who choose to call themselves ‘men of God’.   As to if they are truly men of GOD, the end will surely justify that.  The Ghanaian Christian community is perhaps one of the hardest hit.  This is causing a lot of uproars and people are trying to give all kinds of reasons and meanings to recent happenings.  I also have my own reasons to whatever is happening to the church of God.

When you own a very good desktop computer or laptop and it starts to malfunction, one thing comes to mind first.   There must have been some virus invasion to your computer’s system.  In that case, the best action to take is get a good antivirus with its current update.   You then carefully subject your whole system to a thorough scan.  If your anti-virus is really a good one, it is likely to catch a lot of viruses with strange names and gives you details about the level of threat they pose to your computer.  You are then given options as to what to do with them.  Among the options are ‘quarantine’, ‘heal’, ‘delete’ among others.  The best option is to delete all those worms that can cause great harm to your computer.

The church of God today faces the same predicament that any technological device faces today; viruses that pretend to be computer-friendly documents.  You open them and your whole system is in a mess.  Today many people parade themselves as men and women of God.  In reality however, they just use the Holy name of God and His son Jesus Christ to pursue hidden agenda known only to them.  They have succeeded in deceiving millions of people and have polluted thousands of otherwise genuine men of God.  So typical of any virus in this computer age.   The church of God is under immense attack and corruption from these viruses.   Many people are beginning to lose faith altogether.

Just as any concerned owner of an expensive laptop computer will behave, God cannot look on as these so-called men of God destroy His church.  HE cannot look on as many lives are corrupted by the activities of these ones.  HE will definitely take an action.  I see the scandals rocking churches in Ghana today from that angle.    I see it as God’s antivirus performing a carefully calculated scan on the church.  People who pretend to be what they are not are gradually being exposed.   Not to behave in the ‘holier than thou’ manner’, let me say that most people who put on the white neck clerical today do not deserve them.   Also not to sound judgmental, all I can say is, let us all look up to the author and finisher of the Christian faith; that is Jesus Christ.  When you put your trust in a so-called man of God and you wake up to hear that he is a pedophile, it might just be disastrous for you.

The good Book says ‘by their fruits we shall know them’.  If after the antivirus has exposed these viruses ‘eating’ all manner of files in the system of the church including innocent ladies especially singers; you still decide to seek the help of those people, it is up to you.   All that is happening to some so-called men of God in Ghana today should be a wake up call to their colleagues still in the business of corrupting the church of God.   The scan is on.  The anti-false prophet scan is on.  It will be your turn soon.  Some viruses like obinime.exe,  jesusonetouch.worm, love.exe/worm and the like seem to  have been caught in the web.   GOD’S ANTI-VIRUS IS AT WORK.


6 thoughts on “GOD’s ANTI-VIRUS IS AT WORK”

  1. Great analogy! I’m so sorry to hear that some of the same garbage that has infected the church in America has also affected Ghana. Thanks for taking the time to expose something I was naive about. Continue to be of good courage and fight the good fight of faith!

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