One of the numerous waste materials which has become a threat to the environment globally and especially  the third world is what we have termed ‘SCRAP METALS’.   In as much as it has become an environmental nuisance, some people find it very useful.  I always see these guys around screaming ‘CONDEMN… CONDEMN’.   they are young men who buy any waste metal-like object and recycle them  into local cooking utensils.


In the age of technology,  Art students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology  have also found an artistic use for scrap metals.

If the few creations they have forged out of scrap metals can be  supported and encouraged,  we can help turn an environmental  nuisance into a tool for environmental beautification.

The uses these scrap metals have been put to just sends out a message that  there  might surely be a way of putting  the numerous waste that is generated into something useful.



Environmental nuisance can be turned into environmental beautification tools. All we need is an INNOVATIVE MIND.



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