2011 is a year that I actually got into my writing elements and started a blog that will soon become one of a kind.
In January and February, I will still taking infantile steps in blogging. I was posting my articles and other literary pieces on Facebook and my blogspot
In March, this blog was born. It was christened Melting Pot. I posted my first article which was a poem titled JUST SAY YES’. Some other love stories and old article were posted here.
In April, I was rounding up my work as a undergraduate student and rounding up as one of KNUST’s satirical writers. HAVE YOU DONE IT TODAY is an article that made me get a lot of female readers as well as male ones.
In May, I could not blog that much, since I was busy with my dissertation and end of semester exams. I however managed to blog about fashion for the first time.
In June, I graduated from KNUST with a B.A in Political Studies. All my post in this month were somehow dedicated to my life on campus and to my Political science class.
July was when I stepped on my blogging accelerator. I did a piece on cervical cancer, some political works and a number of poems and pictures.
I started my National Service in August. LESSONS FROM THE UNIVERSITY is an article that I would rate us one of my personal best.
September was when I came up with my second article on fashion ALIKOTO KLODIN UNDER MY SPOTLIGHT. It was also when I came under the radar of GHANA BLOGGING.
National service officially commenced in October and I did a piece on the hullaballoo that surrounded the postings. NATIONAL SERVICE WAHALA.
KNUST climaxed it 60th anniversary in November and as part of the program, there was an arts exhibition. I did a photo-blog on that. SCRAP METALS UNDERGO SURGERY.
In December, I visited the hospital for the first time in years only to see something that angered me. The only way I could handle it was to write and tweet about it. Do you remember this ==> KNUST HOSPITAL – COME AGAIN.

I also hit the 100 posts mark in December.
2012 will be a blogging year if GOD wills. I am seeking to hit a personal target of 300 blog posts. May GOD help me. Thanks to all who get time to read my works and recommend them to others.  At this stage I draw the curtain down on the 2011 blogging year. See you all in 2012.  ADIOS!!!



2011 no doubt has been a phenomenal year for the continent of Africa. If Ghanaian s have nothing to be thankful for, at least we should be grateful for not having any cousins of Boko Haram and co. in our country. We should be grateful for the relative peace we enjoy. As the year 2011 takes it final steps into the unknown world, there are certain people, organizations and events that deserve mention and here I go with them. Continue reading GHANA UNDER REVIEW 2011


……………………………. MY TOP THREE GROUPS FOR 2011

People thought it was all for fun.  When ever people see you ‘facebooking’ or ‘tweeting’, they think you are one ‘non-serious fellow’.  However in 2011, Social Media spoke for itself when it did what most world superpowers will take years to do.   Facebook especially was used as the main medium of communication, through which protest times and venues were channeled to oust dictators of our time.   Entrenched dynasties were brought to an end with the power and influence of social media.   One astute Ghanaian politician who is based in the UK also won Parliamentary primary ticket of his party without stepping foot in Ghana.  He did his campaign and everything through the social media networks.  It is the year that SOCIAL MEDIA roared and flexed its muscles.    Yes!  People say I am a social media addict but I choose to call myself a student of Social Media.  In 2011 I dived deep into it and I am still having an amazing experience.   No wonder that as part of my duties as a National service personnel, I administer the KNUST Facebook and twitter accounts.  I might just start a blog for KNUST very soon. Continue reading BARCAMP AND CO.


When others her age are having fun,  she is on the streets of Kumasi selling.

It is not her wish to be here.  If she had her own way, she would have been on a merry-go-round singing ‘Mary had a little lamb’

For her,  the Jack and Jill story is not a rhyme but her destiny.

The only fun thing she can do is to  pose for a picture as she saw me pull out my camera.  Maybe that was a nice Christmas present I gave her.

She is living her adult life in her childhood.  when will she live her childhood?






Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you for honouring our  invitation to participate in this event which we believe will chart a very different and positive course in the political environment of our dear country, Ghana. As you very well know, I do not engage in politics of insults, acts of violence or disrespectful behaviour. I believe that public service is an honourable duty that should be performed with passion and vim. I believe in politics that presents ideas and solutions to the problems that confront us as a nation for consideration and implementation.

I am here this morning to declare my resolve to work with like-minded men and women from all over the country, to form a very focused, vibrant, independent-minded and progressive Political Movement to contest the 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. Our Political Movement will work hard to be a winner in 2012. It will be difficult, we know, but we are prepared to do everything possible to give Ghanaians an alternative that is progressive and different in a very positive way. Continue reading DR. PAPA KWESI NDUOM EXITS CPP


This post might not just fit the season. However I was forced to come out with it because of the exit of Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom from the CPP.
2012 marks another milestone in the political life of Ghana. The democratic foundation of the country will be put to a test again. The beacon of hope in the sub-region goes to the polls once again to elect lawmakers and a president and vice president. The stakes are very high and the battle lines have been drawn for what looks like another fierce political battle in the history of this country. Let us take a walk into the various camps. Continue reading GHANA DECIDES 2012 PART 1