Yeah! Believe it or not,  this is no fiction work.  I took this picture yesterday with the help of my semi-smart phone.

I visited the KNUST hospital yesterday for a routine check-up.  Whilst waiting for my lab- results,  two pregnant women walked by me, apparently headed for the washroom nearby.   When they got to the entrance of the washroom,  my curious ears and eyes decided to check out what was going on there.  What I heard sounded somehow ridiculous to me.

I overheard a worker stationed there demanding money before he allowed them to use the washroom.  When they asked why,  he simply explained that it was an order from above.   The women  walked away  in anger.  As if that was not  bad in itself,  the security man or whoever was there  went away to attend to other needs I guess.  I would not have cared much about he leaving the place.  However he locked up the facility  before leaving and few minutes later people who wanted to use the washroom for various purposes were helpless.  I am sure he locked up the place  so that in his absence no one can use the facility  without paying.

The question  I ask  is,   is it right in all senses for the management of   the KNUST hospital to commercialize such a facility?  What happens if a patient wants to use the washroom at a time there is no money on him or her?  Are they trying therefore to say that should a patient visit the washroom 20times of his or her stay at the hospital,  the patient must pay for each of those visits?

In as much as the management of the hospital might have very good reasons  for implementing such a policy,  it still does not hold enough water and it is wrong and should be revised.  We all want our washrooms to be neat and I believe such a health facility has got workers who are paid to keep the place clean.

If the reason given on the notice above is anything to go by,  will a time not come that patients will be asked to pay a token for the maintenance of beds and bedsheets?  Will a time not come that patients will be asked to pay a token for maximum security at the hospital?  Will a time not come that patients and clients will be asked to pay a token for many other facilities at the hospital  which is not supposed to be so?

Is it not about time such call for ‘tokens’ to be paid for things that do not demand any payment be brought to a halt.    The management of KNUST hospital should kindly and in good spirit take a second look at this.  Eyes are watching.

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  1. they might have a good reason for demanding money before usage but i think common sense was not present at the time of decision taking. how on earth would u demand a patient to pay before using the washroom of the hospital she is accredited to receive treatment. this is extremely preposterous. so it means if a patient would have to pay 20 pesewas to use the facility and by the insistence of his/her plight uses the washroom for about ten times, it means 2 cedis must be available or else the forfeiture of usage. mmm hhhhmmmm! this is pure extortion and inhumanity. i wonder the kind of administrators we have in this hospital these days.

  2. my question is, how are we going to improve the systems that we seem to have developed for ourselves? these systems that seem to ”un-develop” us instead of develop us?? what channels do we use to show our condemnation for such unspeakable policies?? This (blog) is one of the very first steps. how do we challenge our authorities??

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