This post might not just fit the season. However I was forced to come out with it because of the exit of Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom from the CPP.
2012 marks another milestone in the political life of Ghana. The democratic foundation of the country will be put to a test again. The beacon of hope in the sub-region goes to the polls once again to elect lawmakers and a president and vice president. The stakes are very high and the battle lines have been drawn for what looks like another fierce political battle in the history of this country. Let us take a walk into the various camps.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is seeking to be given a second term by the electorates. The president and his vice also known as the TWO JOHNS are seeking four additional years to execute their BETTER GHANA AGENDA. All is not however well with the ruling party. One repository of influence and the papa of the party, President Jerry Rawlings, seem to have fallen out with the man he immensely campaigned for in the previous elections. He has become perhaps the number one critic of the president.  J.J Rawlings as he is popularly called has made a public statement that he will not follow cowards to war.

Is that an indication that we will not see him campaigning for the NDC in 2012? If that happens, will it not affect the fortunes of the party? Or has his influence waned that much in the country? What about the current trend where young ministers in the ruling government are all rushing in for parliamentary seats. Does it augur well for the ruling party? Are they seeing certain things that the rest of us are not seeing? Time will tell.

Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom just announced his exit from the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) this morning. That declaration has set the CPP like thousand steps backwards. This is a man who has become more like the Jerry Rawlings of the CPP. The CPP has never ceased to struggle to become a third force in the political realms of Ghana. I always have a personal thinking that Dr. Kwame Nkrumah died with the soul and spirit of the CPP. Despite its struggles, Dr. Nduom and his likes were breathing a new sense of life into the party.

Ms Samia Nkrumah also stepped in to help revive a ‘family’ legacy. As Dr. Nduom also known as ‘Edwumawura’ takes the bow out of the CPP, the big question is, who carries their flag into the 2012 political race? Is it a wise political decision on the part of Dr. Nduom? Does he have other reasons which the country and his supporters are not aware of yet? Is he trying to play some very smart political cards? Will he stand as an independent presidential candidate? Is he likely to cause another political surprise by ending up as the running mate of someone else? The days ahead will tell us untold stories.

The New Patriotic Party is poised to wrestle power from the NDC come 2012. They are living no stone unturned in making sure they are back to the seat of government in 2013. The flagbearer of the party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo also has a blinking red card waiting for him. He cannot afford to fail the NPP this time. This might just be his last attempt at becoming the head of state of Ghana. He seems to be more determined than any single individual in the NPP. He must prove to his party that he is a winning candidate.

To me, I think the odds favour him. Will he succeed at this second shot? Does the ‘All Die be die’ chant paint any picture in our minds? Another headache the NPP is dealing with is the choice of a running mate. Will Dr. Bawumia be maintained or a new card will be brought on board? The tables seem to be turning in the direction of the former. It is likely that Dr. Bawumia will be paired again with Nana Addo to lead the NPP into the 2012 political battle. The question is, will he be the right choice? Does he not seem to be more of a technocrat than a politician? Will we see another candidate helping Nana Addo instead of Dr. Bawumia? Will Nana Addo’s promise of free Senior High School education sink down the minds of the electorates? How feasible is that promise itself?
There are other mushroom parties who will in diverse ways influence the elections. Will the elections go into another run-off? Will the personalities of the presidential candidates play any role? Will Jerry Rawlings pick up his own spit and join the Atta Mills campaign bandwagon? Will President Kuffuor campaign for Nana Addo like Rawlings did for President Mills? What will the campaigns be based on; insults or sound policies?

The lines are drawn, the rules have been read out and the game is just about to start. The umpire is a certain strong man, Dr. Afari Gyan. Come what may, let us all seek to maintain the peace that we are privileged to be enjoying. Let us not take it for granted. Responsible political campaigns will do. If you carry a good message, the people will definitely go for it. Unity in diversity is what we need.




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