……………………………. MY TOP THREE GROUPS FOR 2011

People thought it was all for fun.  When ever people see you ‘facebooking’ or ‘tweeting’, they think you are one ‘non-serious fellow’.  However in 2011, Social Media spoke for itself when it did what most world superpowers will take years to do.   Facebook especially was used as the main medium of communication, through which protest times and venues were channeled to oust dictators of our time.   Entrenched dynasties were brought to an end with the power and influence of social media.   One astute Ghanaian politician who is based in the UK also won Parliamentary primary ticket of his party without stepping foot in Ghana.  He did his campaign and everything through the social media networks.  It is the year that SOCIAL MEDIA roared and flexed its muscles.    Yes!  People say I am a social media addict but I choose to call myself a student of Social Media.  In 2011 I dived deep into it and I am still having an amazing experience.   No wonder that as part of my duties as a National service personnel, I administer the KNUST Facebook and twitter accounts.  I might just start a blog for KNUST very soon.

The first time I heard or saw the name, I had a little difficulty figuring out what it is all about.  The ‘BAR’ in it even discouraged me from digging further.    When I finally took the pain to know all about BARCAMP Ghana,  I knew I had missed a lot for the months I kept them on the waiting list.   Little did I know that it wasn’t a bar of crazy drunkards but a bar of people drunk from the continuous desire to change the status quo, a conscious effort to create a web of networks  among others.  I entered the bar and met people with creative ideas, people ready to share and learn, people  who are always inspiring each other  and people who are so lovely.  I will always remember that lunch that we had in Ato Ulzen Appiah’s residence.    If you have no idea what BARCAMP is about, Google it or just follow this link .  BARCAMP GHANA 2012, here I come.

GHANA BLOGGING – This group is what I call my Virtual writing college. Since becoming a proud member of the group, I have picked up several vital lessons, met great writers and made some friends as well.   I have just come to the end of level 100 of my studies in this virtual university.  I am fully assured that great things await me.   Thumbs up to whoever brought into existence GHANA BLOGGING.  I am proud to be a member.  If you are a blogger in Ghana and you have not joined yet, what are you WAITING for?

For me, these three bodies or institutions or whatever name we choose to give them were the best that I came in contact with in the year.     I hope to add more of those in the coming year.   I am gradually drawing down the curtain on the 2011 blogging year.  One or two posts and I will scream ADIOS!


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