2011 no doubt has been a phenomenal year for the continent of Africa. If Ghanaian s have nothing to be thankful for, at least we should be grateful for not having any cousins of Boko Haram and co. in our country. We should be grateful for the relative peace we enjoy. As the year 2011 takes it final steps into the unknown world, there are certain people, organizations and events that deserve mention and here I go with them.
1. Kelvin Prince Boateng will quickly replace Suarez as the number one footballer that Ghanaians would not like to hear of. His shocking early exit from the Black Stars is something that many footballer lovers still can not fathom. There is a general feeling that he rode on the back of the senior national team and ditched the country when he gained prominence in ‘footballing’ circles. Was it a case of betrayal or genuine reasons? Whatever it might be, he gave the country his all whilst he wore the jersey of mother Ghana. If he comes back into the fold, that will be some good news. If he does not come back, that chapter should just be closed.
2. WORST SERVICE PROVIDER – when it comes to this issue, ECG and MTN always confuse me like identical twins would do. Lets face facts, these two institutions have taken their customers for a long ride. They might have genuine explanations to the numerous ‘technical hitches’ that their customers experience. They would therefore have done themselves and their customers a lot of good by improving on their public relations and their customer care services. The MTN customer care line 111 is more of a music playing channel than a customer care line. I remember spending almost 1 hour on that line just waiting to get my concerns addressed. The Ghanaian customer deserves a better deal. MTN and ECG can do better. The colossal sums of money spent on adverts can be used to improve on some of their services. For ECG, I am waiting for the day another ‘Woyome’ will sue them.
3. The Vice President of Ghana still tops my list as the government official who makes the most promises. Eish! This man can promise paa ooooooo! As to if those promises are fulfilled is a topic for another day. Just check all his speeches, he makes promises like the proverbial Akan vulture who promises every time it’s about to rain that it will build a house the following day.
4. Most confused politician of the year goes to Sekou Nkrumah. I think should just concentrate on his writing career. He can write more twisted and confusing stories there. Hehehehe….. I do not want to aggravate his case or confuse my readers with some of his statements. He is now doing the political parties broom jumping. I won’t be surprised if he forms his own soon. I would gladly be his PRO and help confuse the people more…lol. If you can not convince them, confuse them.
5. The Unemployed Graduates Association will go for the most VISION-LESS GROUP of the year. Until they rename the group and get a better vision, they will remain so. How can you form such an association and be making noise about. Who will ever take you serious? Won’t the times wasted in your meeting be used for something profitable? Please if you are a member of such a group, advise your leaders to change the name and chart a better path. You can form an entrepreneurial association. That sounds better. I would join you soon to help collapse that group. Shootouts to all unemployed graduates in the country. Keep trying, your time will come. If your time doesn’t come, create one for yourself. More Vim but do not join that group.
6. RISING STAR- Dede Ayew is still in my good books as the rising star for 2011. This young gentleman is rising in leaps and bounds. He would have crowned the year with that CAF footballer of the year. Though he did not get that award, he was compensated with the BBC African footballer of the year. For me, I rate that ahead of the CAF footballer of the year. Until transparency is brought into the CAF player of the year, it would not appeal to some of us. He is just 21 and doing this great. If he was an English, I can not just imagine how they would have been hyping him. There is this Ewe proverb that literally translates as ‘it is you alone who can call a handful of banku as a mountain of banku’. He is one of the best young footballers we have in the world now and he should be hailed.
7. MOTIVATIONAL GROUP OF THE YEAR– The Springboard road show is equal to none in terms of this. Mr and Mrs Ocran together with their team of great motivational speakers are the change agents of our time. Make a date with them in your city in 2012 and you will not regret it. Next to them I would put BARCAMP in the second position. Wonderful group of young men with little resources, touring the country and boiling up the bloods of the youth with their MORE VIM chant. Please if you sponsor BARCAMP, you are contributing immensely to the development of mother GHANA. Watch out for their road shows too. They will hit a city near you very soon.
8. WORST EVENT. The Accra floods will go down memory lane as the worst disaster that hit Ghana in 2011. May the souls of the lives lost rest in peace. May we also learn our lessons and put our houses in order. Let us all be responsible citizens to avert such disasters in the near future
9. The single person with plenty names will go to our own President, Prof John Evan Atta Fiifi Mills. This man is really suffering in the hands of Ghanaians…aba! Let me see if I can get a list of all his nicknames. Atta Mortuary man, Professor- Do-Little, Atta-Token-Mansion, Atta-GAME, Atta-one eyed peas, and now Atta Hit and Run. Eish! One man, adzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnn
10. TV series of the yearAFIA Schwarzenegger is my choice. I got nothing to say much about it though. The star-studded program just deserves that spot. Chorkor Trotro and Efiewura were also good though.
11. REALITY SHOW. For me its, the Vodafone sponsored ICONS. No comment.
12. PUBLIC SERVANT OF THE YEAR. The mayor of Accra and the coordinator of the National service scheme will jointly occupy this position. These are two gentlemen who have set aside political party interests and are pursuing agenda that will benefit the nation as a whole. But please mayor, the Makola women say your beards scare them a lot, can you trim it a bit? Mr. Kuagbenu, you innovative drive is seen and appreciated. Your administrative side has grown more bushes and needs your attention. Let your PR work and your website can look better than how it looks now. You can update your website as well. Kindly introduce some innovation into your administrative sections as well.
13. POLITICAL EVENT. That would be the FONKAR GAMES of the NDC. It absolute caught the eyes and ears of everyone. However, Dr. Nduom’s exit from the CPP is also big news ooooh. The CPP will miss his plenty moustache.

Other issues also made the headlines but all cannot be covered. 2012 hold a lot for this nation. Let us all work to keep it together. We shall not kill ourselves because of politics. We should make a conscious effort to remain united after the elections. I will not wait till I am domiciled in a foreign land before I start showing my love for Ghana. With the harmattan banning me from even smiling, with ECG doing their usual on and off, MTN refusing to let me even load call credit I have bought with my own hard earned national service allowance and all the other inconveniences, I still LOVE GHANA.


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