2011 is a year that I actually got into my writing elements and started a blog that will soon become one of a kind.
In January and February, I will still taking infantile steps in blogging. I was posting my articles and other literary pieces on Facebook and my blogspot
In March, this blog was born. It was christened Melting Pot. I posted my first article which was a poem titled JUST SAY YES’. Some other love stories and old article were posted here.
In April, I was rounding up my work as a undergraduate student and rounding up as one of KNUST’s satirical writers. HAVE YOU DONE IT TODAY is an article that made me get a lot of female readers as well as male ones.
In May, I could not blog that much, since I was busy with my dissertation and end of semester exams. I however managed to blog about fashion for the first time.
In June, I graduated from KNUST with a B.A in Political Studies. All my post in this month were somehow dedicated to my life on campus and to my Political science class.
July was when I stepped on my blogging accelerator. I did a piece on cervical cancer, some political works and a number of poems and pictures.
I started my National Service in August. LESSONS FROM THE UNIVERSITY is an article that I would rate us one of my personal best.
September was when I came up with my second article on fashion ALIKOTO KLODIN UNDER MY SPOTLIGHT. It was also when I came under the radar of GHANA BLOGGING.
National service officially commenced in October and I did a piece on the hullaballoo that surrounded the postings. NATIONAL SERVICE WAHALA.
KNUST climaxed it 60th anniversary in November and as part of the program, there was an arts exhibition. I did a photo-blog on that. SCRAP METALS UNDERGO SURGERY.
In December, I visited the hospital for the first time in years only to see something that angered me. The only way I could handle it was to write and tweet about it. Do you remember this ==> KNUST HOSPITAL – COME AGAIN.

I also hit the 100 posts mark in December.
2012 will be a blogging year if GOD wills. I am seeking to hit a personal target of 300 blog posts. May GOD help me. Thanks to all who get time to read my works and recommend them to others.  At this stage I draw the curtain down on the 2011 blogging year. See you all in 2012.  ADIOS!!!


One thought on “MY 2011 BLOGGING YEAR”

  1. Happy to see you followed my recipe for an end-of-the-year post. What an impressive first blogging year! 100 posts already! A tip: If you link back to your own posts, this piece would allow the reader to easily read your other posts. Afehyia pa!

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