A smile spread across his face like a wild bush fire, even as the rain drops beat the top of his roof. In anticipation of the rain, he had cleared his land, removed tree stumps, burnt the gathered bush, tilted the ground and planted crops. “I can’t wait to see the harvest time”, he said to himself; as he dozed off.
in the dying moments of the game, thunderous chanting, vigorous drumming, heightened tension, flying emblems of both teams amidst breathless spectators awaited a winning goal. It was the finals of the UEFA champions’ league and supporters of both teams could not wait to see their team lift up the trophy.
Earlier that day, nothing could be appreciated more than the effect of friction on that day of examination, even as students scribbled codes that seem to be answers to a complicated puzzle.The perturbation on the faces of students could not be left unnoticed, as the results were about to be pasted.
Whilst sitting in the office, I felt like a grilled chicken, every question from the panel turned to cook a part of me. This job opportunity has been a dream all this while. Yet, the interview was a skull-cracker. Inexplicable cardiovascular reaction seized my trembling body as I receive a call from the company.
In preparation for a promise made centuries ago, we’ve got our passports ready. We have proclaimed abroad the indubitable truth of a KING whose reign will last throughout eternity. A blast of the trumpet and merrily we will be singing into HIS kingdom. Not defiling ourselves, we wait blithely for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

By: Justice Seke.


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