The president of the nation is billed to deliver   the State of the nation address.  A colleague who is undertaking his national service as a Government teacher in a Senior High School in the Central region decides to give his students a real picture of the things he has been teaching them.  He arranges for them to watch the state of the nation address live on a large screen.  After the whole ceremony, he gives them an assignment.


What is your general observation of the state of the nation address?

Below are some of the responses the teacher received from his students.

Student  A :

This is my first time of watching such a program.  I would say it was generally okay.   I however had a little difficulty   catching all the words of the president due to the excessive noise in the house.  Next, time there is such an important   event,  I wish there would be a little decorum so that those of us watching on TV  can enjoy  the program as well.

Student B:

After the whole program, I think my class which is tagged as the most notorious class in our school is more disciplined than some or most of our MPs.   The fact that the speaker was screaming ‘ORDER’ on top of her voice and no one would listen portrays a gross level of disrespect for authority inside the law-making house.

Student C:

I am more than motivated to become a member of parliament.  I can’t wait to get there and be singing ‘woyome woyome’   on top of my voice.  I first thought Parliament was all about law and legal arguments.  That discouraged me earlier.  Now that I know I can exhibit my singing and ‘jama-leading’ talent without anyone stopping me, PARLIAMENT OF GHANA, here I come.

Student  D:

I learnt a lot from  the event.   I learnt all the a state of the nation address is about.   I also learnt that our ‘honourable’  MPs  are not always honourable.

Student  E:

It was generally a nice program packed with many funny moments.  I had wanted to make a detailed analysis of the president’s speech but I must confess that I was distracted several times by the noise-making in the house.  At least, I learnt a few things about the workings of parliament.   A little discipline on the part of our MPs will help us next time.


These are the individual observations of students of Government of a national event held in   the Parliament house of a country touted by many pundits as the first-born of democracy in Africa.  If these observations of Senior High school students are true reflections of what went on,   then a lot needs to be done in terms of general conduct of our MPs and other public officials especially at events of this nature which are normally broadcasted to the whole world.



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