OWASS  is  my alma  mater  and  today   marks a very  important  milestone  in the history  of   one of   Ghana’s  stalwart   in quality  education.
60 years ago today,on 28th February 1952,  about 60 young boys gathered at the forecourt of St. Peter’s Cathedral,Kumasi, between 9am and midday. There they waited to be bussed to their new school, a Catholic institution at Fankyenebra.
They were as diverse from each other as they were united in their excitement at being pioneers for this new school.
Their headmaster, Father P. R Burgess, an Oxford graduate, a retired army major and a native of Ireland, turned up at exactly 12.30pm, driving the school truck himself. He was tall, probably in his mid-forties, with a protruding forehead and deeply set, piercing blue eyes.
Because each student had more than one box, Father had to do two trips. Finally, by 4.30pm, all the boys were settled in. Their new home was St. Paul House, and the former art and music room served as their dining hall, assembly hall and classroom. Father lived in the flat at St. Paul House, which also served as his office.
From the humble beginnings in the desolate clearing in that virgin bush, those pioneers-headmaster, staff and students, battled hard to lay the building blocks of that institution we are all proud of today.
So I invite you all to spare a moment today to those men of valour, raise a glass to their name and honour their memory with gratitude.
Happy birthday, OWASS!!

Rodney  Nkrumah Boateng


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