As Ghana takes careful and anxious steps towards another very difficult election in its infantile democratic life,   the cries and prayers for peaceful polls are resounding louder than ever.  A lot of civil organizations   and think-tanks are doing all within their means to help organize peaceful, free and fair elections.  There  is a public outcry against   some political  maneuvers  that  serve as threats to the peace of  the  state  chief among them being political insults and intimidation  which can degenerate  into  conflicts  that might end up leaving  an indelible blot  on the peace map of Ghana.  Efforts being made to ensure peaceful elections must be applauded in as much as activities that seek to undermine peaceful polls must be bemoaned and condemned outright irrespective. Continue reading POLITICS IN GHANA – A SHAKY FOUNDATION.



As  a student  back  in my primary school,  there was one position  that I so admired;  the position  of a bell boy.  It was a dream come true when in class five I was made the bell boy.  The dream was however short-lived. I was relieved of my position   soon.  I always rang the bell on time for break time but not for break over.  How I so much enjoyed that short break period and wished it was extended further.    Many students who are users of the various social media platforms exhibit this same behavior.  We enjoy having much fun on these platforms.  The question is have we maximized the benefits of social media to our academic advantage?  Aside the fun, social media can aid us in our academics as well Continue reading THE OTHER SIDE OF SOCIAL MEDIA


Whoever says Social Media  is not good  must  have left  earth together  with  Cain,  the first son of Adam.  Social Media  has brought a lot of good to the human race of today.  The best among them  is  an easy alternative of  being blessed  on earth  here and also  easily  getting into  Heaven.    With  this new  technology,  you do not  have to strictly obey the  numerous commandments in the Bible.  You do not have to necessarily  follow  or imitate  Christ.   You do  not have to worry your  head  over Christianity  and all its confusing  doctrines. Continue reading RELIGIOUS BLACKMAIL.

In Defense of Our Male Halls

NB:  This post  is appearing  here at this time because  another  attempt  is being made  to break  a United students front.   Read on.

The university is undoubtedly every Ghanaian student’s dream destination. Over the years, a lot of private universities have sprung up to augment the effort of the few public ones across the country. One phenomenal characteristic of the public universities is the presence of all-male and all-female residential halls on their campuses. There are quite a number of mixed-sex halls but their significance or prominence compared to the single sex halls is quite negligible. Continue reading In Defense of Our Male Halls