Whoever says Social Media  is not good  must  have left  earth together  with  Cain,  the first son of Adam.  Social Media  has brought a lot of good to the human race of today.  The best among them  is  an easy alternative of  being blessed  on earth  here and also  easily  getting into  Heaven.    With  this new  technology,  you do not  have to strictly obey the  numerous commandments in the Bible.  You do not have to necessarily  follow  or imitate  Christ.   You do  not have to worry your  head  over Christianity  and all its confusing  doctrines.

You can equally be a beneficiary  of  heavenly blessings  so easily.  You do not have to worry your head over the difficulties and challenges of life.  Why exhaust  your energy and sweat the whole day in  such of  money when you can just sit in the comfort of  your  bedroom  and blessings  will  flow  like water from an opened  waterway of the Akosombo dam.   IF YOU WANT TO GET TO HEAVEN THAT EASILY,  JUST SCROLL DOWN









Once  you click  this,  it proves  you love Jesus and He will definitely not disappoint you on that day.  If you want to enjoy earthly blessings,  read this :

God  has seen your struggles and want to bless you.

Very very soon, God  is going to do a miracle and 

lift you up  for good.  Here is a test.  If you love GOD 

and you are not ashamed  of HIM, send  this to ten (10)  people

and watch  what  He does for  you.  Ignore  it and do not  blame anyone if something bad happens to you.

People  have such  unflinching  faith  that makes  them believe that  by doing  these,  their  love for Christ  is consolidated  and  heavenly blessings  is a sure thing.  People,  social media  is good.  With Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, YouTube  and the like,  the impossible has been made possible.  Just ‘LIKE’  or send to ten people and you are good to go.

The earlier we  wake up to realize  this is another  religious  scam or spam,  the better it will be for us.  Maybe  you have  to free your Bible from  that corner  you placed  it in.  you can still make some references  from the online  version  you have on your phone.  Perhaps,  there is an edited version of the Bible  which states  that  to be blessed  you must send a message to a number of people; and to show your love for God, you must like a picture on Facebook.  I would love to see and read that edited version.

I have  just one description  for materials  like  that : RELIGIOUS BLACKMAIL.


2 thoughts on “RELIGIOUS BLACKMAIL.”

  1. Thanks for the post. I’ve received e-mails, text messages, DMs etc all asking me to do one thing or the other if I love Jesus. I’ve never done it. People must know that such silly things affects the credibility of Christianity

  2. I can’t count the number of times av really done such posts esp on fb. Well, that’s bcos, there’s none. I jst keep scrollin on and on and on. Maybe the ones from popular pages such as “The Bible” i may consider. Not jst any threatenin kind of stuff.

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