1. I differ on some points. Insults or tribalism not danger in themselves. Insults and tribalism/racism exist in established democracies like even the US and yet they don’t go grinding themselves to death. The Danger we face are people who perpetuate violence in the name of such dirty and sadistic or primitive principles as ‘all die be die’. And added to this danger are those who see it and yet pretend not to see.

  2. Ethnicity is always an issue in any democracy, it shouldn’t be limited to Ghana or Africa. Student politics is just like all poilitics. It’s time we realise what democracy generates: the pros and cons and make fundamental changes if it’ll be in the national interest.

    • Yes Jerome, student politics is just like all politics. It’s rather bogus to hear some people, in their attempt to call for decency in politics, make derogatory conclusions about student politics as if it’s alright for students to engage in dirty politics, or that student politics is reserved for joking.

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