Hell of a Road to a Haven of Animals

One song that I can listen to hundred times a day is the celebrated Osibisa’s WOYAYA. The words in the song are so thought-provoking and so inspiring. Some part of the song goes like:

‘It will be hard we know
And the road will be muddy and rough
But we’ll get there
Heaven knows how we will get there
We know we will’

I had a near perfect picture of this song on a trip to one of Ghana’s flagship tourist centres. The Barcamp Ghana crew set off to Tamale with one major aim; a successful Barcamp Tamale programme. However behind the scene we all dreamt of being in Ghana’s largest National wildlife park, Mole National Park.
After a successful Barcamp programme therefore, all attention shifted to how we will get to Mole National park.

We heard different stories about the place but early Sunday morning, Azontolina, Amanda and Abeyie ( code names for cars) packed with the Barcamp crew was on its way to Mole National park, some 3 hours or so away from Tamale.

We got to Ghana’s largest National park. We paid all the fees we were asked to pay and we went on a memorable safari. We saw the elephants, the baboons, the antelopes, the deer, the wart-hogs and what have you. Mole National park is really a place to be. On our way back to Tamale, we made a stop over at Larambanga to see the famous Mosque and listen to all the tales surrounding it.
I enjoyed the trip and I am sure all those who went did too.

I however made some few observations that I would love to share. The words of that song by Osibisa says it all. If I say the road to Mole is really bad, that will be an understatement. The road is more than bad. The number of just potholes on this very muddy road could represent each citizen of this country. The long road to such a national asset can not boast of any single stretch of smooth path. If you do not have in your possession a very good and strong vehicle, you might as well spend weeks to get to Mole. The Larambanga Mosque too was a bit different from the pictures I normally see online. It is crying for a touch of paint.

One question that kept running through my mind was, what do we use all the revenue accrued from visits to these tourist centres for ? These are places that people travel from different parts of the world to visit. Can we not at least give them a value for money?
Lets just get a very good road to Mole and always keep Larambanga Mosque always beautiful and it will shock Ghana how tourism can fetch us more revenue. All the same Mole National Park is a place to be likewise the Larambanga Mosque and township. When you set of to Mole, just get the Woyaya track by Osibisa. It will tell your story and at the same time encourage you.
For us on the Barcamp train, it was a hell of a muddy and rough road to Mole but we got to that heaven of animals.


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