Someone made a comment about Ghana hosting the Olympics and see all the negative comments flowing in from all angles. sadly enough, most of those comments were coming from very young people. I understand why we seem not to have any positive thinking towards our own country. The question I ask is how many of us making such negative comment have handled or organized even birthday parties successfully.

Some of us only know how to identify mistakes and cannot offer a single solution to the million problems we identify. We do not have faith in our own country because we do not have faith in ourselves as individuals and its because we shy away from responsibilities and love to embrace the lackadaisical attitude. For me, I believe in the ability of today’s Ghanaian youth and I believe we can turn things around. If we set our hearts and mindS to it , we can do anything that we ever wish to.

It is about our attitude, it is about our mindset, it is about discipline, it is about believing in ourselves, it is about planning and strategic planning. If you are diligent in the small responsibility given to you, you can be diligent in bigger ones and it will spread and affect Ghana positively. I believe the destiny of our nation Ghana is with us , we are the custodians, not the few politicians…. If we claim they are corrupt and do not have better development plans for the nation…. then let us help change the system. Leadership is like a pyramid… If the head is not good but the base is good a strong, we can help change the system and change the head…. but if we the citizenry put up negative attitudes, not even GOD can make our nation better.

I believe in a better Ghana, not offered by NPP or NDc or foreign aid. I believe in a better Ghana built and sustained by the youth of this nation with a lot of positive energy. Yes I believe in that Ghana, where we can stand on any platform or any world stage and be eager to tell people where we come from…. I believe in GHANA. Do you?



  1. Yes I do too and I wanna see all those young Ghanaians who complain all day and dont offer a single solution. I want to talk to them 🙂

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