Mother’s milk gave  me suck

Mother’s fingers soothed my skin

The night  kept mother awake

When baby was sour

And that was me

You vanished into the morning mist of

April’s last days 1998

Precisely how and when is

Locked up in your wooden box

Thus severing the Korle Bu  cord between

You and me premier son  of a premier daughter

Abena’s pioneer child Kwabena

You put me through  my infant paces

On Gold Coast’s Ga shikpo

Taata… Tuutu,  in your maternal steps

Maame Tutuwaa, condolences

You were brought into view again  after

A long chilling  month, your face frozen

Into a grim visage

Till you  thawed someward

Into  your familiar  self but

Still inert immobile like a sculptured bride

To the mourners  wailful gaze

Your last Odumase  words to me

Only a week  before were

“Go in peace, it looks like rain”

Words as auspicious, puzzling, portentous

looking back

You gave me my first words in

Baby sense baby style

I give  back  these in middle age valediction

Go  in peace ancestral bird

It has rained enough, poured enough

For your family  and friends

Farewell, shake my spear

To the endless passion of motion

Far beyond  words

Obuorba Anorsoa  of Bompata

A very  emotional  poem  written by  a lecturer  and a role model , Mr A.A Amoako


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