Open Letter to the Mayor of Kumasi

Dear  Sir,

I greet  you from  my little  corner  in  what  used  to be  the Garden City  of West  Africa.  I  write to you  this lovely  letter to bring  some  happenings  in some parts of our  dear  city  to your  notice.  TECH  junction   is of focal  concern  to me.

Tech  junction  is  a very  busy  place  linking  up many  suburbs of Kumasi.  It  has a major   transport station  which  services  the university  community  and   the general  public.  It is just not a bus station but also serves as mini –  market  for  goods of all assortments. In short, it is a very busy  but  useful centre  of  brisk  business.

I was forced  to write  this letter because  Tech  junction is turning  into  something  else.  The pedestrian  walkway on  both  sides  of the road  coming   out of campus towards  the Central  business district  is gradually being  taken over by  hawkers  and petty traders.   It  has  reached  a crescendo  now  and  pedestrian  are forced  to  now  use  the shoulders  of  the already  dangerous  road.  An  offspring  of  the activities of these  petty traders  who  are encroaching on the  pedestrian  walkway  is the  amount  of  filth  that  covers  the  street  every  night

More  so,  the highest level of  indiscipline  and  disregard  for road  traffic  use  is exhibited  at  Tech  Junction  in the evenings.  Commercial drivers and  private ones  alike   continuously  float  road regulations  with impunity.  Sadly enough, most people look on unconcerned.

There should be a proactive response to these not so pleasant developments. It is time we ensure that the right thing is done.  Pedestrian walkway is meant for pedestrians, and not to be used as a mini-market.   A little discipline would do us  much  good.

Please, these gross acts of indiscipline  has led  to  a number of deaths  on that  road already.  Are we going to sit unconcerned   for the place to turn into  a real  death trap  before  we set up committees  to  investigate?   Again, Let us be  proactive  and  make  sure the right thing  is  done.

Sincerely  Yours,

Concerned Citizen


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