I went  out and about  this hot afternoon  and guess where my restless self  landed me.   I found myself   in the KNUST  museum  , where an event  christened TRATECH  is taking place.  TRATECH  is an annual trade and technology fair of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.  Students  and department   come  together to exhibit  projects that they have carried out. Some of the projects are for exhibition  and others are for sale at very cool  prices.  As a walked through the rather very hot   museum,  my camera jumped out of my pocket and captured some amazing scenes  for  your  eyes.  YES!  for your eyes.


A few weeks  before the event,  this was  how the museum  looked  like.  It was  dressed totally  in sackcloth.  This was extremely strange  and most people  questioned the idea behind  it.  I still do not know why that was done but I made my mind run creatively wild  and  the answer I had  was,  the organisers  wanted to create  some kind of awareness.


I didnt know my camera  was  interested in Africa and its politics just like its owner.  It first captured this  about a United States of Africa.


This is a portrait of Nkrumah  I guess, created with bottle corks.  Its awesome.


I think this  is an  architect’s work  of  some  section  of KNUST.


This  machine  and one  other,  created  by some students  are used for  recycling and  exudation of rubber.

IMG_20130307_152228This is a picture of Obama.  I will not say much.  Just  download it and zoom it out  and see the idea behind it.  Mind-blowing?

IMG_20130307_152347The fashion designers  were not  left out.  there are there in their  numbers  will millions of lovely  designs and  assortments.  Surprisingly,  my camera did not capture those beautiful beads.


well, well, well,  are they  not beautiful?

IMG_20130307_153317Hahahahah.. my camera smiled at this  one….. A picture of Dr. Nkrumah  made solely of nails.. just zoom it out…….  amazingly beautiful.   One  significant thing I noticed   is that  materials  that would have rather caused  great  environmental  problem  are the  ones used in the creation  and designing of most of these beautiful  artifacts.  Is that not laudable?


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