Lords and Duchesses of Ayeduase’s Underworld.

 The School touted as West Africa’s premier Science and Technology institution is situated right in the heart of their community. There are some very good Senior High Schools in and around this same community. Apparently because of the presence of a university, many big student-related businesses can also be found in this community.
Paradoxically, most of the young men of this wonderful community seem not to be interested in whatever opportunities that the university and its other derived establishments bring to them. Most of them are still school drop-outs who find great joy in doing menial works for the university community. They have no desire to further their education despite the perpetual motivation that these educational institutions offer them.
Rather, the young men have created an underworld of their own where they rule supreme. You see them with all kinds of hi-tech gadgets and you wonder where they got all that from. Coincidentally, robbery is so rampant on the KNUST campus and its neighbouring suburbs.
Their young ladies are equally amazing. They are of ‘very good’ service to the university community in some unorthodox ways. Sadly, they seem not to be moved by the positive opportunities that smile and call to them every single day. A walk through the streets of Ayeduase, Kotei and the other suburbs reveal an increasing number of teenage mothers. Interestingly, most of the kids do not know who their fathers are. Perhaps, I should throw more light on why a number of these kids who grow up to take over Ayeduase’s underworld are fatherless. Some of these university guys with uncontrollable libidos and yet less courage to take it on their female colleagues, find easy preys in these girls.
One question I always ask is, what will it take for these Lords and Duchesses of Ayeduase to see the relevance of education? What other form of motivation do they need again? Is it a case of the pig and diamonds? Of goats and cake?
I think it is time the whole university community pays a critical attention to this situation. Maybe educational outreaches should be intensified. Some pragmatic steps should be taken to snatch these young ones from the underworlds of Ayeduase to the bright world of better education and a better future.

NB: Ayeduase and Kotei are neighbouring suburbs of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Ayeduase houses majority of student hostels.


5 thoughts on “Lords and Duchesses of Ayeduase’s Underworld.”

  1. Ideas…

    bring them to a Barcamp.
    find their mates who live similarly to them but have succeeded and make sure they know these stories.
    find out why they dropped out of school and if the reasons were negative.
    find out why they dropped out of school and if the reasons were okay, find ways to help them make some positives out of it.

  2. It’s too late for citizens of Ayeduase to appreciate living in the shadow of KNUST when they get to young adulthood. Also, children cannot appreciate fine education at age 6. This is to say that it is the parents and KNUST who must sow the seeds when the children are young with good primary and secondary education. Then the young adults of Ayeduase will have the chance to attend KNUST. Like you suggested. KNUST must run educational programs and outreach in the surrounding communities. It’s always the case that institutions of higher education neglect the people on whose very soil their prestigious schools are built! Good post BTW.

  3. You have no idea about life and predicaments of the natives of Ayeduase , have you ask yourself about the cost of a good basic education in Ghana. Our parent do not have the means to afford that kind of money that is why we are school drop-out. It is every child dream to grow up and go to the university. I had the same dream , i was born and raise in Ayeduase I use to walk from home to the great hall around 1 pm just to observe students and how the speak English. I always wanted to be able to speak that kind of English. but guess what it did not happen because my parents coundn;t afford my secondary education. so please before you start talking find out from these youth the reason why they drop out of school then you will know the reason behind it.

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