The Agro-Mindset Story



DAVID ASARE ASIAMAH is the founder of the Agro-Mindset Fraternity. He guides the Agro-Mindset Organisation with his switched on strategic vision, values, and fresh approach to engaging the youth in agriculture. He has and continues to empower a new generation of Ghana’s youth to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that agriculture presents Ghana to transform herself. He is super-passionate about this transformation and he’s actively in the front lines showing, doing and showing how. He is very committed to working on the Agro-Mindset vision to help lift Ghana’s agrarian economy to prominence and is championing the cause of a new green revolution which involves getting people to practice their knowledge in agriculture to satisfy industry requirements. He is currently anticipating Master of Science (Agriculture and Development) from the University of Reading, England. He has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Agriculture) Degree and specialised in Agric Mechanisation, from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.   In this  interview,  he  takes  us  through  a  tour  of   the  Agro-Mindset  world. Continue reading The Agro-Mindset Story


What Do You Know About m-Government

“What  do  you  know  about mGovernment  and eGovernment” –  my boss  asked?   I   looked  at him  for  about  five minutes  with  the  most  confused  face,  then  told   him  I  had  no  idea  what  those  words  mean.  He  gave  me  fifteen  minutes  to  research  and  write  a short  article  on  mGovernment.  After  a sweaty  and  cursory  research,  I came  up  with  something.  If  you  are also   clueless  as to  what  mGovernment  is,  this  article  might  give  you an  idea. If  you  have in-depth   knowledge  on  mGovernment,  you might want to  throw  more  light  and  fill  up  all the  holes  I  left   in this   piece. Continue reading What Do You Know About m-Government

A Single Step To Apagya …A Million Fruits


Ama is jostled from her day dreaming by a colleague, who had popped into her office to congratulate her on the successful surgery she had carried out on a patient. After saying thank you with a smile painting her face, her mind is pushed into a quick journey down memory lane. Continue reading A Single Step To Apagya …A Million Fruits