A Single Step To Apagya …A Million Fruits


Ama is jostled from her day dreaming by a colleague, who had popped into her office to congratulate her on the successful surgery she had carried out on a patient. After saying thank you with a smile painting her face, her mind is pushed into a quick journey down memory lane.
Ama Siriboe is a class six pupil of Apagya R/C School somewhere in the Central belt of Ghana. One day, it is announced in school that a group will visit them. On the faithful Saturday that the group was scheduled to visit, Ama and her colleagues were made to put on their school uniforms and wait patiently in the rain for this group of people . A million ideas about who these people were run through the minds of Ama and her colleagues. Why would they make us wear our uniforms on a rainy Saturday and wait endlessly for some people we do not even know?, Nasiru Latif, a mate of Ama, asked.
Just as Ama was about expressing how clueless she was, a bus pulled in front of their school and out came these grown men and women hugging and carrying each other around with some level of craziness. These group which called itself Doing Good for Ghana (DGG) donated some educational materials to the Apagya R/C school, had interactions with the kids, danced with them in the rain and did other things which the kids were barred from partaking in.
Nasiru Latif is a big businessman today because he just picked one of the books donated to his school. After reading, he started cultivating a reading habit and with it came a hunger to succeed. Today he looks back and is so thankful for that fateful day. He now has an answer to the question that was not answered that rainy Saturday at Apagya.
Enyonam Avulete, Ama’s friend who danced in the rain that Saturday and held all the DGG male members spell-bound with her booby dance is now a renowned dancer and family woman because after showing all her talent and goodies, one DGG female member opened her eyes to how she can refine her talent into something useful.
Call me the time traveler. I joined a Social Media Group christened DGG on an educational trip to Apagya ( a small town in the Central Region) . I just traveled into the future to see the kind of effect this visit and donation to the Apagya R/C school will have on the school kids years to come.
I am sure it was just a thought that dropped into someone’s mind and he/she took that first bold step and it became a big dream and a silent revolution. That one single step will yield million fruits few years to come. This is the way to go. A little help here, a little volunteerism there and we build a formidable and well educated generation.


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