What Do You Know About m-Government

“What  do  you  know  about mGovernment  and eGovernment” –  my boss  asked?   I   looked  at him  for  about  five minutes  with  the  most  confused  face,  then  told   him  I  had  no  idea  what  those  words  mean.  He  gave  me  fifteen  minutes  to  research  and  write  a short  article  on  mGovernment.  After  a sweaty  and  cursory  research,  I came  up  with  something.  If  you  are also   clueless  as to  what  mGovernment  is,  this  article  might  give  you an  idea. If  you  have in-depth   knowledge  on  mGovernment,  you might want to  throw  more  light  and  fill  up  all the  holes  I  left   in this   piece.

M-Government is  the  usage  of  mobile  and  wireless  devices  in the  implementation  of  a broader  system  known  as E-Government. E-Government is the   use  of  information  and communication technologies  to   improve  the  activities  of  public sector  organisations.    It helps with  the  government  interaction  with  businesses ,  its  employees  and the citizens  at  large. mGovernment   makes  information  available  easily and  readily  to  public   officials  and citizens.

Taking   a critical   look at the  role  mobile  phones  have  played  in  the  advancement  of  technology,  it  is  just prudent that a mobile  phones  and  other  wireless  gadgets  are employed   in  the  execution  of E-governance.

mGovernment    is  cost   efficient  and  very  convenient  for  government  businesses.  It also  makes  information easily available  to  the citizenry.  With  the  penetration  that   mobile  devices  have made,  it  becomes  very  easy  using  mGovernment  to  reach  a very  large  number of  citizens   especially  during  times  of  emergency  or national crisis.

However  before  the  full  benefits   of  mGovernment can be  derived ,  some  measures   must be  put  in  place  and some  technological  barricades  will need  to be leveled  or cleared.   The   effective   running of mGovernment  must  be supported  by  the  appropriates softwares.  Other infrastructure   needed  for  the smooth  running  of this  system   must also  be in place.

More  so, since  it  eGoverment  and for  that  matter mGovernment  is  a  major ICT   policy,  it requires  legislation  to regulate  its activities.  Without   any  laws  in  place,  mGovernment  will  be  prone to  all  kinds  of violations and abuse.   It  is  therefore   necessary that  laws  are made  to  give  it  some  form  of protection  and direction  and limitations  as well.

mGovernment, good as it  might  sound  if  not  given   enough  security  will be exposed  to  all kinds  of technological  hazards.  In  an era  where technological devices  such  as  the mobile phone  and  other  wireless  internet devices  are easily hacked and information tempered with,  mGovernment  if  not  monitored  well  and  guided ad guarded by  the necessary  technological   security  measures  can  prove  very  disastrous

mGovernment nevertheless  is perhaps  the  most  dynamic  means  of   implementing eGovernement.  In a fast-tracked era like the one we live in,  we cannot  afford to   still  stick  to  the snail-paced forms   of communication and information   dissemination.  mGovernment   will help   improve  services   in  our  public   sector  and   give  citizens,  businesses, tourists  and  government   officials  stress-free  means  of  assessing public  information and  more  convenient   and cheaper  means   of doing  business.


2 thoughts on “What Do You Know About m-Government”

  1. Interesting!!! I never knew of eGovt and mGovt but I knew eBusiness and mBusiness which is no different from what you have enumerated. The only thing that changes from the what you researched are the names but they are all internet base and serve the same purpose but different jurisdictions. Thanks you for adding to my brain and knowledge bank.

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