Leftie in a Right-Handed World

…In commemoration of World  “Left-Handers” Day.


I still remember the hell I passed through in the hands of ignorant and over-zealous primary school teachers just because I was left-handed. I still remember how they will beat me and force me to write with my right hand when I was not naturally meant to do so. I still remember how when almost all my friends in class three and four were writing well and beginning to use pen for the first time, I was now beginning to learn how to write all over again, just because my school teachers will not allow me to write with my left hand. I still remember how I was always scolded anything I presented something to someone with my left hand.

At a point in time, I asked myself if left-handed people were demons. This idea of branding left-handedness as evil got into my head till I met a unique person. He asked: Courage, are you left-handed? I answered in the affirmative. He proceeded with another question, “ Are you proud being one”? I said , it feels normal. Then , with a smile, he asked again, “do you know that left-handed people are abnormal”? Just as I opened my mouth to speak, he burst out, “Courage, abnormal means above normal. You guys are gifted. You are unique. You do things others cannot do. “ This encounter strengthened me and made me believe it was not a bad thing to be left-handed after all.

Later, I got to read about many world changers who were left-handed. Today, I am a big boy. Though some parts of my society still have that backward idea about left-handedness, I am able to push my way through. However on this day, as “left-handers” worldwide are celebrated, I still feel for those kids in some parts of the world who will still be forced into unnatural right-handed orientation. I  pray  that  one  day,  the  whole  world  will come to  accept  that,  it is  natural  and cool  to  be left-handed.   Happy left-handers day to all my other “ lefties” out there.


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